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World of Tanks Supertest: Province, Port & Airport Maps

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Wargaming is working on bringing some old maps back and even new ones. Province already had a few iterations and now it got two new ones. The old map was removed because battles lasted too long and the map was quite small. The first version should make battles more dynamic and the second is only an improved version.


First of the new maps being tested is called Port and has an Asian theme! It’s been a long time since we had an Asian map added to the game and Port is a mixed map with a dock area. The map can be divided into two areas, open area (North) and port area (South).

Each of these areas provides the ability to play with specific tank classes, the port area will be better used by heavy armoured vehicles while mediums can support the team from the shelters at the edge of the map.

In the centre of the map, there is a hill with underground passages, controlling this area allows to quickly change flanks and go to the rear of the enemy team.


The third map being tested is called Airport and it has a Tropical theme. The main area of action will be the gorge and behind the new mountains as there are many shelters and vegetation there. The huge cave will provide passage behind the mountains and connects to the gorge.

Another epicentre of action on the map will be at the airport located on the upper right corner, where there are more open spaces and its better suited for Light and Medium tanks.


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  1. New maps! why do we need them? I’m happy always playing the same old maps again, again and again!!!
    Great news if this means more maps coming. all we need now are a few less choke points or corridors and more room to run round (I confess- I’m a light tank fan!)

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