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World of Tanks Supertest: T-34 Screened

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A brand new Tier V Premium Soviet medium tank has entered Supertest today: T-34 Screened or T-34E. The development stage of the T-34 screens dates back to 1941. During late 1941 and early 1942, they entered mass production, to be afterwards installed on hundreds of T-34s. Later, the screens were ditched in favor of greater mobility and maintainability.

The spring of 1943 saw the “second coming” of screened T-34s. A batch of 46 tanks was sent to the front, carrying several different types of screens. All of these were developed at Plant 112 in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod) to counter German 75mm HEAT shells.

Gameplay-wise, this tank is much like its progression counterpart. Apart from the protective screens on the sides of its turret and hull, and its 76mm gun with APCR shells as basic ammo, the T-34 Screened isn’t that different from the original T-34.

Initially designed to improve protection, the screened versions of the T-34 were “handmade” by engineers and tankers themselves. Additional armor plates, jerry-rigged over regular armor, were a common frontline solution. There were also attempts to manufacture reinforced concrete screens. Though these factory-made screens never entered mass production, they underwent battle testing.

T-34 Screened Pictures

Please Note
The following information is from Supertest and it’s subject to change before final release.

T-34 Screened Details

76 mm F-34 (1943)
No Info
No Info
Hit Points500 (HP)
Hull Armour45 / 40 (+16) / 40 (mm)
Turret Armour45 / 45 (+16) / 45 (+16) (mm)
Penetration120 / 150 / 38 (mm)
110 / 110 / 156 (HP)
Reload Time
3.84 (s)
Rate of Fire
15.65 (spm)
Damage per Minute1,721 (HP/m)
Aim Time2.3 (s)
Aiming Circle Spread
after Shot3.50 (?)
on Turret Traverse0.14 (?)
on Vehicle Move0.22 (?)
on Vehicle Traverse0.22 (?)
on Turret Full Speed Traversing5.04 (?)
on Vehicle Full Speed Moving12.32 (?)
on Vehicle Full Speed Traversing7.92 (?)
Elevation / Depression+20 / -8 (deg)
Turret Traverse Speed36 (deg/s)
Chassis Traverse Speed36 (deg/s)
Weight / Load Limit31.90 / 34.00 (t)
Engine Power500 (h.p.)
Specific Power
15.67 (h.p./t)
Top Speed / Reverse Speed50 / 20 (km/h)
Terrain Resistance1.055 / 1.247 / 2.205 (m/s2)
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%)27.7 / 7.2 (%)
Concealment of Moving Vehicle (%)20.8 / 5.41 (%)
View Range340 (m)
Signal Range547.5 (m)

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: T-34 Screened

  1. What a pile lol. Armor in spots that dont matter at this tier. A gun with standard APCR but worse pen than the never used 76 on the normal T-34. Higher DPM but worse accuracy [57 is still superior] and slower now thanks to ALL THIS armor =\ Yeah no thanks. I wouldnt even take it free.

  2. Finally a new lower tier premium. I have long since stopped buying high tier premiums, but I might be tempted with this one.

  3. So you rather have a **** tank that is not enjoyable to play? then a semi op tank.. that is fun to play?. isn’t the aim of playing games.. having fun?

  4. Soifon:
    so you rather have a semi op tank that is fun to play then having all the other tier 3-5 tanks a fair chance fighting it and therefor having fun? isn’t the aim of playing games.. having fun?

  5. At Tier V, the basic T-34 would be more relevant if the 57mm gun were taken out of the tech tree. Right from the get-go, WG screwed-up – they should have made the T-34/57 a prize or a premium tank, making it a genuinely rare-release item on the cartoon battlefield.

    In history, the 57LL was a good gun, better than the basic 76, but it had limited range and barrel-wear was atrocious – and when weighed against concurrent development of the 85mm gun, that’s why it wasn’t made standard for production.

  6. All said, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing to have one of these in the cartoon motor pool – it represents many of the applique kits and field-mods applied to the T-34 throughout it’s wartime service. In game terms, it’s about the same as the US T14.

  7. Since update 1.0 we can’t see the armor. WG is already working on it.

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