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World of Tanks: Arms Race Starting Soon

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From 29 May to 12 June, the Global Map will host a large-scale game event. In this event, the best clan strategists and commanders will compete in planning and tactics, and players will be able to earn Bonds, Gold, unique badges, clan style sets, and Camouflage patterns, as well as a new set of awards.

Also, the best players will be able to exchange bonds for one of the three Tier X vehicles that were previously available as rewards in Campaigns on the Global Map.

How It Works

Similar to the previous events, clans and players will fight for personal and clan Fame Points. Their number will determine the clan’s position and rewards. The strategic component of Arms Race will be similar to Operation “Gambit”: the battlefield will be divided into three fronts that differ in the number of Fame Points that can be earned on each one.

Much will depend on the decisions that clan leaders make: throughout the event, earn strategic bonuses to get an advantage when struggling for positions on the leaderboard. Moreover, clan leaders will have to decide how to use clan Fame Points, since they can be spent on various bonuses that speed up the rate of earning personal and clan Fame Points or provide other strategic advantages. Unlike Operation “Gambit”, during the “Arms Race” event, clans will be able to exchange some of their Fame Points for Research Points. However, in this case, the exchange rate will be lower compared to the full investment.

An important difference between Arms Race and Operation “Gambit” is that bonuses to personal Fame Points will be significantly restricted, thus the struggle for positions on the personal leaderboard will be harder for strong clans and easier for weaker clans.

Moreover, battles within the event will be played in the absolute format, 15 vs. 15 in Tier X vehicles.

Reward System

Unlike previous events, a single reward pool will be available for both East and West. All participants will play within a single theatre of actions and will fight for the same rewards.

Now, the number of players who receive rewards will not be limited to a particular number, but to a percentage of the total number of participants who pass the minimum threshold of Fame Points and battles fought. Thus, if more players participate, more players will receive rewards.

Personal rewards will depend on both the number of Fame Points earned by players and the success of their clan. Players will receive a basic reward for the position achieved, and the clan’s position on the leaderboard will apply a bonus

In addition to the influence upon the rewards of the clan members, clans will receive gold in their Treasuries.

Rewards for Players

  • Bonds: 75% of the players who pass the minimum threshold of Fame Points and experience will receive bonds; the clan’s position will additionally increase the reward.
  • Unique badges to be displayed in battle: For outstanding achievements in the event, 1% of the top players who belong to the clans that also made it into the top 1% of clans on the leaderboard will receive the unique badge Global Map Legend. 10% of the top players (on the personal leaderboard), irrespective of their clan’s achievements, will also receive the unique badge Arms Race Hero.
  • “Lightning” style set: 10% of the best players on the personal leaderboard will receive the unique “Lightning” style set that can be earned only for activities on the Global Map:
  • Three clan digital camouflage patterns, one per nation: 
    • 75% of the best players (on the personal leaderboard) will receive the summer clan digital camouflage (summer).
    • 50% of the best players will also receive the clan digital camouflage (desert).
    • 25% of the best players will also receive the clan digital camouflage (winter), thus receiving a full set of camouflage patterns for one vehicle per nation in the game.
  • Unique awards: A set of medals will be provided as commemorative awards.
  • Vehicles for bonds:
    • Some players will be able to exchange bonds for one of the three Tier X vehicles that were previously available. In this case, all currently available bonds can be used (not just bonds that were earned during the event).
    • The list of available vehicles, as well as the exchange rate, will be provided later in the detailed Rules and Regulations of the Arms Race.
    • This option will be available for a limited time after the end of the event. Players (who are interested in the vehicles) will be able to add the desired vehicle to their collections, while other players will be able to spend their bonds in other ways.

Tanks for Bonds

Badges for participants of the “Arms Race” event


Camouflage patterns

6 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Arms Race Starting Soon

  1. If I have bonds but I wont participate on the Arms Race, would I be able to buy ther tier X vehicles with my bonds from Season 1 Ranked Battles? Without participating to CW

  2. If personally like to see an event like this done without the use of any premium items at all. Showcase the knowledge and skill of each clan. As it stands, the best clans are literally all diplomacy-based. None of them actually fight each other.

    I fear this will end much the same.

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