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World of Tanks Supertest: Soviet Grand Battle Map

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The new version of the Soviet-setting Grand Battles map combines open spaces with city blocks within 1800m×1800m (1400m×1400m by the red line). Advancing on either of the flanks and securing a key spot will give you multiple options for continuing your assault and for supporting your allies in other parts of the map, thanks to all routes being interconnected in such a way.

The map has 5 combat zones

  1. The western bypass: A large open space split into several parts by the river. This zone fits ambushing snipers, but the river banks can cover assault vehicles from enemy fire.
  2. The city blocks: This place favours well-armoured vehicles and close quarters fighting. It offers lots of (out-) manoeuvring options and a shortcut to the enemy base.
  3. The central hill: Tanks with good gun depression can use this are to their benefit and also help their buddies nearby. At the start of the battle, light tanks may catch a glimpse at where the opponents are headed.
  4. The “Bottleneck”: This isolated part of the map suits heavily armoured tanks. It may be used for flanking the city blocks zone (2) and helping allies.
  5. The village in the east: Fast vehicles can hide behind several destructible houses. Hit-and-run tactics may be employed. Taking this spot gives you a nice view of the hill (3) and a certain power over what’s happening there.



15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Soviet Grand Battle Map

  1. I was playing tier 10 tanks for HOURS the other day with Grand Battle mode enabled and I couldn’t enter a single one… Nobody’s playing it?

  2. Yup mainly bc the one map sux. And we don’t get anything extra for playing it.

  3. Nobody is going to play this dumpster fire mode. WG takes themselves and their ideas seriously without any development and critical analysis of their thought, concept, and attitude about the players and the game.

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