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World of Tanks: Football Mode Returns!

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The football mode kicks off on June 14 and will run until the fat lady sings on July 29.

Basic Rules

Just like two years ago, the mode will be 3v3 where only extra special maps and tanks will be used (more on that later). A winner will be announced if at the end of 7 minutes of play or if a team scores 3 goals, whichever comes first.

Not So Quick on the Draw

In case of a draw, a version of Golden Goal will play adding up to an extra four minutes for either team to bag the winner. If there is no goal scored during the additional minutes, the winners will be the first team to have 100 possession points in the enemy’s half.

Get Back Into Position

Not seen in the previous iteration, there will now be a kick-off after each goal. So whether you’re lucky enough to be on the scoresheet or you just missed a vital clearance, after each goal both teams start on an even keel as kick-off takes place.

Know Your Role

With the other additions made for this year’s mode, one of the biggest changes is the introduction of role-specific tanks. Each tank role has a special ability so you can really make the best of their strengths and these tanks will have differing stats to their Tech Tree counterparts.

E 100 Sport (Defender)T-62A Sport (Midfielder)AMX 13 105 Sport (Striker)

Like a modern center back, not particularly fast or agile but he knows his role: guarding your goal and defending the last line by clearing the ball (or the opponents too).

Special ability—Splash Damage: Perfect for the defender who’s making a last-ditch attempt to clear the ball off the line.

The midfielder can be seen as a hybrid of both the Defender and Striker, but don’t look at them as permanent replacements. With the best top speed on the field, you can turn from sweeper to attack midfielder within a couple of seconds.

Special abilityBoost: A bit of extra pace to intercept and regain possession or a darting run to let in your teammates never goes a miss for a midfielder. Boost also adds a special extra enhancement for your turning speed, so you can Cruyff turn your opponents.

Great acceleration, good speed and astonishing rate of fire makes them dangerous in front of goal but be careful not to get slide tackled by the Defender because with your low weight, there may only be one result.

A first time shot on the ball might not see it crashing into the net, but with more shots in your drum as a striker, you can make sure the ball goes neatly between the posts.

Special ability—Second Chance: When you use the last shell in your drum and see your effort going agonizingly wide, fire up this ability and you will have two extra shells in your drum. Even some of the best strikers need an extra toe to poke it in, just in this case it’s a shell, not a toe.

All these tanks will be added to your Garage in anticipation of the event starting. At the end of the event, they will be removed (along with their slots) and the Crews will be sent to your barracks for free.


This year’s event features will see battle unfold across three locations: the all-new Lev Yashin Stadium, as well as upgraded Himmelstadium and Lost Stadium that held the Football mode two years ago.

That’s Not All Folks!

We’ve got some extra special elements within the football mode that will be certain to get your competitiveness flowing.

WP GG (Well Played, Gigi)

The commentator’s box is well and truly ready for this event to begin and along with the commentators is a special guest, listen closely and you might be lucky enough to hear Gianluigi “Gigi” Buffon reporting on the match from the sidelines along with two other commentators.


We plan to have several different tournaments over the forthcoming month of footballing frenzy. All the details will be coming soon, so make sure you’re ready to win some great prizes and fight for glory!

Complete Your Collection

Throughout football mode, you will be able to start your collection made up of footballing tank cards. Their rating combined in a squad of 10 will help you earn some amazing rewards you won’t want to miss out on.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Football Mode Returns!

  1. Are you kidding me? When this mode finally comes again it’s ruined…I don’t mind try bring in something new but seriously, the ball is 5 times bigger. What, the balkan plebs couldn’t hit it so you increased it size that much?

    One thing I did find in the right correction is once a goal has been scored it will not be the usualy “free goal” if you aim directly for the respawn in hte middle (and positioned accordingly).

    A big goalkeeper I can see why they did this but imho and I can speak for more then myself, having 3x t62a sports worked just fine! So now we got a ball almost bigger then the tanks and an autoloader?

    Impressive WG, you just destroyed the event that has been around for years. And to those who will say “dude the event has not even started yet, how can you know?” Well it’s easy to tell if you can read between the lines, checking all the info, pics, videos and the new things that had been added.

    Next I guess WG will ruin the chaffee race as well. Insted having light tanks it will be big space tanks with autoloading so even if you’re drunk you can’t miss the enemy…list can be long so I end this here.

    Still no date when this is coming. It’s June 12th now and atleast on PC version there’s no football mode.

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