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World of Tanks Supertest: MTLS-1G14

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Probably not many of you have heard of the MTLS-1G14. While this Tier III American light is quite unique – as it is capable of firing two shots out of its double barrels with a single click of the mouse – it is also equally rare on the battlefield.


Wargaming decided to take a look at the MTLS-1G14 and give it the Supertest treatment. The main goal is to make it an agile and dynamic tank, slightly resembling the Tetrarch, by modifying its features to better match the current requirements of random battles.

The tank doesn’t have good armor but it doesn’t need it. Its purpose is to spin around the battlefield, taking out enemies with its double shots. The Super Test will reveal whether the MTLS-1G14 is up to the challenge and maybe we will see this tank on the battlefields in the near future.

MTLS-1G14 – Initial Stats


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: MTLS-1G14

  1. This is what i thought as well

    but they should bring a whole line of twin barrel soviet HT instead, somewhere there was a proposal featuring 2 twin barrel tanks on top of a new heavy line

  2. They could do like the British Pom Pom gun (I think that is the one) where it shoots 2 rounds in succession, but instead of both shots being fired out of one gun they could have them fire from one then the other. That would be an easy coding change but still wouldn’t be the two-gun mechanics that people are waiting for.

  3. I’ve been looking to get my hands on this for years 🙂 finally!

  4. Can’t decide if the wirbelwind would be op as **** or useless 🙂

  5. We have this tank currently on Console. Both in a free form (The MTLS Blitzen) and as one of the bonus vehicles given to people who bought the first year founders package. It fires two 37mm shots in quick succession, with a magazine of 10. So, five clicks. It usually can annihilate anything, given that it penetrates. It can see Tier 5 on console, which would explain why this version has 20 less HP, within the protected Tier III MM. It’s mobile, but not fast. Accurate, but in the Pz. I C kinda way, where you shoot and you will hit. Just not every shot. The armor is just enough to block standard AP from another MTLS, so newer players will learn that it’s not just a point-and-shoot game, and more experienced players will know how to rip and tear. Low tier French tanks, B1s, PZ B2s, and other infamously heavy tanks for III and IV are the bane of this machine, but get into a match with lightly armored targets, and you can destroy anything. It’s like the big brother of the T7 CC, except it doubles the penetration, and goes way up in armor and damage. Overall, Not just a free garage slot. One of the few free tanks I kept

  6. This tank used to have an autoloader with like 400 potential damage in a clip (40×10) which it unloaded almost instantly and reloaded in about 10s. I played it on WGL training account back when I was in Silver League and the thing was busted with that gun and decent mobility. It seems like they removed the autoloader in favor of a double barreled shotgun approach and it might actually be balanced now.

    When I tested the MTLS on the corner of a higher tier tank, the shells ricocheted in opposite directions off the corner. This was years ago so double guns have been implemented in the game for quite a while.

    It’s one of the rarest tanks in the game, if not the rarest. It was actually given out to some alpha testers and in RU gift sets in an expensive bundle with the pz2j, bt-sv, and su-85l that worked on any server, so it’ll be interesting if the original version will remain for that handful of users.

  7. Looking at the Tank Inspector stats it looks like that’s how it’s going to work. 2 shots with 1 click and a reload after.

  8. If it shoots two shots at the same time, can you hit with one and the other miss and you’d only get 20 dmg? 😀

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