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World of Tanks Supertest: MTLS-1G14 Details

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MTLS-1G14, this Tier III American light is quite unique – as it is capable of firing two shots out of its double barrels with a single click of the mouse. The vehicle was changed and now it’s being tested by Supertest users for a possible introduction into the game.



Tier III Light Tank
Hit Points
230 (-20)
Gun 37 mm Dual Automatic Cannon
Shell Type AP / APCR / HE
Shell Velocity 782 / ?? / 782 m/s
Shell Avg. Penetration 45 / 61 / 19 mm
Shell Avg. Damage 40 / 40 / 50 (each gun)
Shells in Magazine 2
Reload Time 4.6s (-10.6)
Magazine Reload Time 0.5s (+0.375)
Rate of Fire 23.53 rounds per minute (-13.22)
Aiming Time 1.44 s (-0.20)
Average Damage per Minute 941.2 (-528)
Accuracy 0.403 (-0.057)
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles -10 / +25
Chassis / Turret Traverse Speed 40 / 46 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 55 / -20 km/h (+13 / +4)
Terrain Resistance
Hard 1.093
Medium 1.256
Soft 2.522
Hull Armour 38.1 / 25.4 / 25.4 mm
Turret Armour 38.1 / 25.4 / 25.4 mm
Weight / Max Load
15.47t / 17.35t
Engine Power 240 hp
Specific Power 15.51 hp/t
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle 22%
Concealment of Moving Vehicle 16.5%
View Range 280 m (-40)
Signal Range 339 m
Crew Commander, Driver, Gunner, Radio Op.

8 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: MTLS-1G14 Details

  1. Will however be possible to fire just one gun at the time? Will i be able to fire HE from one barrel and AP from the other?

    1. No its just going to act like a single shot gun just with animations out of both barrels. nothing too special.

    2. It’ll work the same way as it used to with halloween special event

  2. I hope that this will be the next free premium tank (like Bt7 art or T-29)

  3. Have this on Console from a bundle WG sold a while ago. Glad to get it. Thing is goofy fun. but this makes me curious to see. wonder when they will sell it again?

    1. As the Blitzen i know. I have one. Talking about the normal MTLS though. 🙂

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