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World of Tanks Supertest: Lillehammer New Map

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A new map is now being tested on World of Tanks Supertest. This map is a prototype, meaning it’s an experiment and we might not see it introduced to the game. Wargaming wants to access how players and vehicles would behave on a spacious map with no clear defined directions and the battle scenario depends on the terrain differences. The map size is 1000 by 1000 and its future will depend on Supertest and your feedback to how do you believe this map would fare.


The heavy meetup. The meeting point of these heavy buddies is located on the K line (on both sides of it). There are two tunnels within the K4-K7 squares. They provide good defence from the artillery fire, a possibility for armour-angling and an opportunity to attack the enemy right ahead. Still, this part of the map is far from being isolated: the tunnels are split into two parts with a space between them. This space allows supporting allies that are close to the centre. If a straightforward attack is too boring for you, there is a hiding located near the tunnels’ ends. A perfect place to manoeuvre. Taking control over this part will allow you to capture the enemy base or support the allies who fight close to the centre.

Mobile heavies and medium tanks. These nimble beasts can partake in manoeuvrable battles in the top part of the map: A and B lines, as well as the squares in the 5 and 6 columns, have all it takes for this kind of action. The locations are dangerous enough, but having control over them will grant you an array of opportunities to deal damage. Be brave, but cautious as well.

The centre. Light tanks can use the location to spot the enemies. The nimble support vehicles can actively approach enemy positions. Use water to occupy the central cliff located in the D5-D6 squares. The location makes for an excellent lookout, but it is very dangerous as there is only one way to reach it and there is no other way back. Important! The speed in water remains practically the same and this part of the map is a perfect location for swift vehicles.

Tank destroyers positions. Classic tank destroyers can occupy the J1, G3, E2, D1 squares (the symmetrical squares will go for the other team). Depending on the occupied position you can meet the opponent from different directions.

Artillery. This vehicle type is deprived of the possibility to fire effectively when remaining in one place. Instead, it has to search for advantageous and secure firing points just like other machines. Please bear in mind that the map is open and the diligent enemy scouts can spot you. Change positions often. This is a must to ensure an effective artillery performance on this map.

The early spotting comes with strings attached. As the map is open there are high chances to be easily spotted and destroyed. It’s better to say it right away: this is not a bug. It’s a feature and one of the most complicated and controversial things Wargaming wants to test. All vehicles moving to the top part of the map risk to getting their sides riddled with shells. Creating possibilities to damage the enemy during the first moments of the battle and creating the ability to avoid are indispensable elements of the game. Just like close combat around a stone or rolling over the hill.

Personally, I don’t think a map this open will work. Know how players behave on current maps, this setup will just encourage teams to camp at their spawning area and try to push from there. Fast moving vehicles won’t try to push north and slow ones will always be very limited to where they can play: at the base. While the idea might sound nice, the practical aspects needed for a map to work, aren’t there, ultimately making this map destined to failure.

5 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Lillehammer New Map

  1. would like another new map , if it sucks it still can be removed or rebalanced (like Fjords).

  2. “I’d love to lick a lemon lollipop in Lillehammer” – Tom Brocove.

  3. This looks like it could be a decent map. WOT’s needs more wide open maps that favor meds and lights. Right now the maps favor heavies. In RANKED, 75% of the players were in heavies because the maps favor heavies.

  4. About time WG makes a map where the player base will need to think where to be effective and how to work together as a team

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