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World of Tanks Supertest: Kharkov, yet another new version

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World of Tanks Supertest received a completely new version of Kharkov map. For the first time, the map isn’t set on Winter but in the Spring/Summer and it has been completely changed. Instead of having it’s iconic building, Derzhprom, on the right side of the map, creating a “boxed” area to fight, this time it dominates the left side of the map, opening a completly new area to its right side.

Just with this change, the square is now facing a open area and  smaller set of buildings, while the curved shaped corridor stays a flanking zone. I would love to see this map converted into HD and introduced to the game, as I believe the map will have what it’s needed to be a balanced and fun map. But what about you, do you think these changes are enough to make the map balalanced or would you still change something?


Source: WOT Express

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Kharkov, yet another new version

  1. One m***ive killzone in the middle… can get shot from literally every angle imaginable. Sitting in the craters you’re easy prey for arty, so what’s the point? Campfest on one side and heavy brawling on the other. Paris all over again, as stated in the comment above.

  2. More Ensk then Paris tbh. The raised middle makes it easier to flank around it along the edge vs being forced to yolo in the open to get close.

  3. Fun maps have a middle area where you actually want to go to make a difference. Those maps with open ground in the middle are just bad…

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