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World of Tanks Ranked Battles Season II

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World of Tanks Ranked Battles are returning soon for their second season! From 26 July at 10.00 CEST (UTC+2) to 16 August at 10.00 CEST (UTC+2), players will be able to compete once again to win Bonds, Credits, Consumables, Personal Reserves, Premium Account Days, Gold and even unique Style!

What changed?

All rules stayed the same: 15 ranks, chevrons, three leagues and the rank protection system are all the same. But Wargaming did go a step further to bring some changes where you can now see an explanation of the experience earned in each battle.

The information will give players the ability to check what they did and they need to change to earn more experience per battle. How will be this done?

  1.  In the post-battle results screen, a new tab will appear on the detailed statistics section for each player
  2. The total experience will be divided into three categories. By hovering over each, you will see a respective list of XP points earned

1. Damage and Destruction

  • Damage inflicted on enemy tanks
  • Damage inflicted on tank modules
  • Destroyed tanks
  • A bonus for total team damage

Please Note
Note: this category will be the main source of XP for most vehicles.

In regards to the bonus for the total team damage, it’s worth noting that the number will be the same for all team members and will not affect your placement after the battle.


  • Assisting with recon, tracking and stunning vehicles
  • Capturing or defending the base
  • Initial spotting of enemy vehicles (you must be the first player to “light up” an opponent)

3.Active Battle Actions

  • E.g. shooting in a certain radius from the enemy, being in the radius of enemy fire, etc.

The information for all three categories will look like this:


These are more than welcome changes, has players will now be able to understand why other players had more experience at the end of the battle and what they need to change in their play-style to earn those chevrons!

As mentioned before, nothing much else changed even in the rewards, as the only change is the brand new unique Ranked Battles Season II style that players will be able to win if they manage to enter one of the three leagues.

What to do you think of these changes, do you like them or they weren’t needed? As usual, leave your comments down below and good luck to everyone.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Ranked Battles Season II

  1. the cammo looks nice, but those emblems are disturbing, i dont use the cammon from the first season :/

    the changes for explaining the exp are more than welcome though ! hope they will add them also in random matches !

  2. The explained XP addition is nice, hopefully this ranked season is a test phase for it and they will add it to randoms as well.

    As for the mode itself and how to deal with it, as long as I remember to not play more than 1 rank a day, I should have rather tolerable salt levels.

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