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World of Tanks: Offspring 3D Style for TL-1 LPC

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While some thought the American medium tank TL-1 LPC was going to replace the old T95E2, it seems Wargaming had different plans. Everyone knows Offspring has been in the game for a while now, a new partnership with World of Tanks brought them to give us all a concert in-game. The band was already in the game files as a crew, leaving the idea that a Premium tank would be coming to the game, and it seems this wasn’t wrong.

The image above gave all the clues we needed, as it’s the American TL-1 LPC  Premium tank with the Offspring 3D style. We aren’t sure when it will be available, most probably soon, but players will be able to get the tank with a 3D style inspired in the band together with the band as a crew.

The Swedish Sabaton was the first band ever to have a Premium tank in the game, now yet another band gets it’s own exclusive for all their fans. Of course, the 3D style won’t be for everyone, just as the tank as it’s an improved version of the T95E2. More information soon.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Offspring 3D Style for TL-1 LPC

  1. This kind of 3d style is such a bull****, it gives so many possibilities to make real crazy 3d skins with camouflage netz and some gericans and co really look on historical pictures it gives so many ideas we never have ingame…really sad

  2. and next? will be metallica or slipknot? or rammstein ? or just kitty :d

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