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Tank Rewards: German Unification

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Tank Rewards are back for both EU and NA servers. Want to get some rewards for free with some easy missions? From October 1 to October 20 celebrate the German Unification and while you play some games, you can climb up the reward Tiers and get free goodies.

To unlock Tier I, you will need 500 Tickets, for Tier II it required 1,000 Tickets, Tier III needs 1,700 Tickets and finally, Tier IV will need 2,200 Tickets. Each Tier gives you three options but you can only claim one, so make sure you pick the one that best suits you. Each day you will get new missions to complete and get tickets, giving you the opportunity to unlock each Tier.

German Unification Missions

Rewards include Personal Reserves, Garage Slots, German Blueprints, Premium Shop Coupons, and at Tier IV you can choose between a Pz. T15 or a Pz. S35 or 3 Days of WOT Premium Account. You can check your progress at Tank Rewards website from Europe or North America regions and also claim your rewards.