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World of Tanks Frontline & Steel Hunter are back with unique rewards!

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Frontline will return in the first half of 2020, while the revamped Steel Hunter will be waiting for you in the second half of the year. Each of these modes will consist of four separate Stages.

In each Stage, you can earn up to 3 tokens, for a potential total of 24 (12 for playing Frontline and 12 for playing Steel Hunter). Use these tokens to redeem any two of the three exclusive vehicles listed below for 12 tokens each.

You don’t have to play both modes—the 12 tokens you need to get one tank all can be obtained by completing all the Stages of a single mode, or a mix of Stages from both modes.

Redeem Your Rewards!

All three reward vehicles are versatile Tier IX tanks and offer their owners unique and dynamic gameplay.

  •  AE Phase I. This American heavy with four segmented tracks should already be familiar to many of you. It features a built-in Large Repair Kit and a solid, bouncy turret. In addition, this brawler boasts an accurate gun with good vertical gun angles and impressive penetration values.

  • Object 777 Variant II. A brand-new Soviet heavy tank with a low silhouette and good firepower. It boasts high damage per shot, as well as good mobility and decent frontal armour. Its built-in Large Repair Kit is a handy bonus.
  • The Char Futur 4. Yet another brand-new vehicle, the Char Futur 4 is a French medium tank with a four-round autoloader and excellent mobility. Its gameplay is similar to that of the Tier IX and X Bat.-Châtillon 25 vehicles of the French branch. You will certainly appreciate its small-sized hull and turret, which makes it hard for enemies to hit your weak spots. Finally, like the previous two tanks, the Char Futur 4 also features a built-in Large Repair Kit.

All characteristics of the Object 777 Variant II and the Char Futur 4 are not final and are subject to change.

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  1. Thanks for your post good as always, just a few dissapointed about the rewards of FL Stages seems they miss a 0 in yhe bonds and the gold just gone!

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