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World of Tanks Black Market: Deal #14

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In need of a roof for you shed? I’ve heard this tank might be mistaken for one, or maybe it’s a spaceship? The last Black Market offer is here, you get to auction for a BT-SV and bids start at 10,000,000 Credits!


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market: Deal #14

  1. Well that was a hugely underwhelming black market. Still got loads of credits and gold waiting for something decent and worth my time to come up…

  2. same for me…in this BM a lot of low tier rare tanks yes, but other tanks just the same as old BM….I hope to see obj777v2 or the rumor of the wte100 gold personally i would be fine with new offers. Its BM why all the time the cl***ic **** ???
    I’m agree that each offers had to be really rare vehicles ! cause cl***ic vehicles sold it in advent calendar nothing else…

  3. Obj 777v2 was never planed for BM but for Frontline/Steel Hunt mode.

    WTE 100 Gold is fake, so couldn’t even come out lol

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