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World of Tanks: Fair Play Policy Update

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It’s that time again, where some get a warning for their sins, other will be purged forever. Eighth ban wave is here and as per usual, Wargaming warns and bans players who don’t respect the Fair Play Policy. Now with the new Mod Hub, there are no excuses to use an illegal mod that will give you an unfair advantage and as per usual: if you aren’t sure, don’t use it.

EU Region Bans

  • First Warning Accounts: 4,056 (Penalty is 7 days ban)
  • Second Warning Accounts: 490 (Penalty is permanent ban)

NA Region Bans

  • First Warning Accounts: 802 (Penalty is 7 days ban)
  • Second Warning Accounts: 116 (Penalty is permanent ban)

RU Region Bans

  • First Warning Accounts: 60,226 (Penalty is 7 days ban)
  • Second Warning Accounts: 5,156 (Penalty is permanent ban)

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Fair Play Policy Update

  1. What mods are they using? Is it still warpack? How are they catching these players?

  2. They are banning players even if they only use mods that are in the HUB.
    Talked to oldskool today and there are a lot of complains of people using only promod, which is authorized and hosted by wargaming… So, there are no authorized mods….

  3. E vero alcuni nostri.player hanno usato le mod della wot e li.avete bannati.per sempre perche questi errori come volete rimediare a questi danni

  4. I use Aslains and i got permament BAN???? my 2 kinds play in my computer with same mods never got nothing. I consider this to be a fraud

  5. I will wait for WG anwser if they think by banning me that i would open a new account like other have done so they make twice the money … wrong i will not do it and sorry for my kids i will cancel their accounts because im paying for all so they ban 1 loose 3 clients

  6. Are you sure you never used anything? Neither your kids? Come… every time there is a ban wave we get the usual players who claim they never did, even go to the trouble of writing to WG support just to be checked again and WG usually sends a report showing they did use some kind of illegal mod. I’m just saying, I don’t put my hand on fire for no one, so I can’t just believe someone’s word when it comes to cheats, because if they cheat in a game, why shouldn’t they cheat other people too by lying?

  7. That is a good question, They say they didnt use and i belive. The thing is the first time they banned me for 7 days i was using other mod and was not clear wath were the forbiden mods. Then i start using only aslains because inside the clan all said is no problem and check they are on the WOT hub, now i got permanent Ban for use of forbiden mods .. i think someone is not taking the pills or this is just a random way to make more money, After investing all the money i did in this game they would think i do a new account and spend more money… this is the only reason i can think off and by the way my last paiment 1 day before ban got returned im my card because that is a fraud i paid for 30 day premium play and i didnt play now they ask WG for their money. I wrote to WG and i will wait for some awnsers i deserve some respect because of the money i spend.

  8. How are they detecting the abusers? If innocent people are being banned then this is a big problem.

    I use solomod pack which I DL from the portal. I don’t want to find out I am banned for using a legal mod nor any other player.

    Keep up the good work Hark.

  9. It’s normal to get the “I haven’t used anything” everytime there is a ban wave. If this is really true, players should contact Support and make their cases. As far as details on how they detect anything, I don’t have much and what I know I can’t really share ATM.

  10. I’ve got 7 days suspension/ban for using Solo modpack from WG’s own MOD hub….

  11. I used Aslan´s Mod in install description you can read that in EU are mods not allowed like NA.

    You “can” install Fog reduce or Skin´s with hit Zones. But you should know its unfair so dont click on it. 😉

    I use only Mods like XVM,Crosshair and Arty Hit Log (Logs how often you get hit from Arty´s) I hate Artys really ^^

    Think before install and you get not banned for this.

  12. Well if WG tells that mods on their own hub are safe to use, THEY HAVE TO BE SAFE TO USE (“Extensions that p*** the check will feature on the mod hub, where tankers can discover and download other players’ creations without worrying about policy violations.”

    I have contacted local Competition and Consumer Authority on this case, and they have interested this becourse after player have paid for premium time or ingame goods, in their perspective WG is on differend ground on account banning actions.

    Local Competition and Consumer Authority wants to see WG’s proofs behind these accusations and suspension actions. While WG won’t answer (or/and ticket system gives only “Something went wrong, Sorry, we are having technical issues at the moment. Please try again later” -messages) or show any proofs, local Authority is wondering if this case belongs to EEC.

    Let’s play fair WG

  13. If people are saying that they are not installing illegal mods and still being banned then there is a serious problem at WG.

    I am starting to think that all mods are going to have to be removed.

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