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World of Tanks EU: Valentine II Mini Marathon?

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Today the Polish World of Tanks Facebook page has accidentally posted an image, that hints the upcoming mini-marathon is in fact for the Valentine II, the Tier IV Soviet Light Tank.


Together with this picture, there was a small text saying “Run a marathon and get your tank for Vanetine’s day!”. After it, there was a link that directed us to an article removed from the main portal. The same URL ended with “valentine-mini-marathon”.

I hope Wargaming was just using the Valentine II as “mascot” and event name for Valentine’s Day, just like every previous year, and the tank isn’t, in fact, the Valentine II. Let’s keep hoping we can actually get a new tank, like Sherman Loza’s or Tiger 217.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks EU: Valentine II Mini Marathon?

  1. If we have to race Valentine II like Chaffes then it will be so damn funny.

  2. Anything BUT the Val II pls… that thing is a sealclubber’s wet dream, imagine everybody having them, low tiers would be ruined once and for all, it can’t even pen ITSELF without using premium shells. This would just be bad on all levels…

    Any tier 6 tank would do, a new one would be great, as long as it’s not broken like the Val II.

  3. What? They sell it for like 12p every Valentines day. Some marathon that will be.
    Day 1 fire a shot.
    Day 2 drive forward 1 meter.

  4. They confirmed this at EU site of wot. They even posted the to do missions on the topic…. So it’s a ****ty valentine u get after those 10 days hahah

  5. I’ve been on the forums and after over 100 negative posts (now 300) they said this:

    “Hello my dears,

    First of all, whoa. I didn’t expect such a backlash and I’m sorry to see you all so disappointed.

    Our goal here was to have a mini marathon (hence the name and its short duration) that newer players can also complete, which is why we went for a lower tier tank. This wasn’t supposed to be a full-fledged marathon and we tried to lessen the “hype” so to say, by explaining that you shouldn’t be expecting high tiers or anything out of the ordinary. I can see that, even knowing this, you’re still disappointed, but I have to remind you that it was supposed to be a small event, that gives everyone something extra: new players can complete it, while those who are more experienced and already have the tank can get some useful stuff like the garage slot, extra XP, chocolate, the compensation for the tank itself, etc.

    Like others have also said above, it’s true that this is something quite new and that we previously didn’t have such an event during this time of the year – maybe this also contributed to the fact that your expectations were set a bit high. Please keep this in mind the next time we announce something small – and also understand that we try to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to events. We want all our players to have a good experience and we want everyone to get something for free this Valentine’s.”

  6. dude remember 2017 boxes they contained pz b2 that is the real we dream got one with only buying 5 boxes

  7. OK the Valentine isn’t worth much but to be fair we don’t have to do much to get it. Half an hour to complete the daily mission? Then pocket the free stuff that comes with the mission (2hour 100%-200% boosters always useful)
    I don’t really understand the wall of negativity about the event, a free tank, free boosters, what’s the problem with that? Better marathons will come up later this year so wait for them.

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