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World of Tanks EU: April Sneak Peek

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With Update 1.0 released, April is almost here and with it, we will have one big date: World of Tanks 7th anniversary!

Source: World of Tanks EU Portal


April Specials

Top of the Tree

1 April – 30 April: One of the sneakiest Soviet rides awaits your command. If scouting is your favourite tactic, you will most definitely not want to miss this chance to seek and destroy. Get ready to welcome the T-100 LT to your collection!

Boost Your Progress

7 – 9 April: Experience makes the finest tankmen. During this long weekend, you will have the chance to rack up and boost your experience thanks to some special missions. Remember to come back and check them out!

Happy 7th Anniversary

12 – 15 April: World of Tanks turns seven this month! Get ready to celebrate with us, commanders. You are in for all sorts of special offers and anniversary missions, so prep your beasts and party hard!

Boost your crew!

21 – 24 April: Every tank needs its crew, and you will definitely get your chance to rack up plenty of experience for them thanks to the upcoming missions. Be ready to have a blast!

Tiger Day Mission

26 – 30 April: Needless to say you will need to bring out your claws and roar into the battlefield these dates. Chose your prey wisely, unleash your felines and prepare for combat, commanders!

XP Fever

28 April – 1 May: Can you feel the heat rising? The XP Fever is upcoming and we are prepping all the exciting missions to combat it out. Keep your eyes peeled to make sure not to miss out!

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  1. I started the line this morning on the NA server, up to T-III. Already started this line on EU server, since I played the T-100LT on the common test server and liked it. Looking forward to April!

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