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World of Tanks Sandbox: Battle Royale Mode

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World of Tanks Sandbox Server received an unexpected update today. No announcements were made so far by Wargaming but it seems to be quite big with over 3GB in total size. But what could we be testing? Battle Royale Mode.


Victor Kislyi said recently on an interview with Gamespot that Wargaming could consider a Battle Royale mode: “…a bunch of tanks, or small tank teams like platoons fighting each other, the last man standing, something like this, would make sense. We would seriously think about this. But, the truth is we’re not making a Battle Royale tank game as of now.”

World of Tanks Battle Royale Mode

Please remember the mode is a test, it’s still under construction and the map doesn’t look finished at all.  More details will most probably be announced soon by Wargaming.

Players have a choice of four initial tanks, pick one and go to battle to face thirty-nine other players. Once in the battle, it’s similar to other games, upgrade your tank and be the last one surviving.


You will recognize the map from Frontline mode, now adapted to play Battle Royale. Once you start, you have to quickly try to get your tank upgraded and survive as long as you can. Ammunition is very limited, and the map keeps closing areas as time goes by.

Overall the mode is fun, but will it be well accepted by World of Tanks fans? What do you think, is it something you would like to play?

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Sandbox: Battle Royale Mode

  1. If I dont lose 200 000 credits per battle like in all “special” modes WG made, it might be fun.

  2. It will only work if you are limited to the one tank and it will fail if people can’t choose one of the tanks they have spent many months “grinding”.

  3. Why would you be able to do that? It’s just an april fools’ mode. And yeah, you get tanks and upgrades from air drops.

  4. As long as it’s just a fun mode and not a permanent thing i think it will be fun. But if they just throw the Frontline map under the bus and just use it for this and not actually develop the Frontline mode, then this sucks hard.

  5. Here’s a new concept: how about instead of new modes we fix the problems with the game? Fix the player balance issues with MM. Fix tiers 7-10 playing on small maps like Mines, no tank should have a view range that covers more than 1/4 of the map.

  6. I can see what WG is trying to do here. This is basically a WoT version of PUBG. Can’t say if I like the mode itself because I havn’t tried it out yet, but it sounds like it has potential, and it might attract new players from PUBG. As long as they make it profitable to play, and that we can use any tank we want in our garage, I think it will be successful.

  7. If it was an april fools mode, it would be hitting live servers by now, not sandbox.

  8. Played it, it’s BLOODY FUNNY! Love it. Needs some polish, but overall a very good start. Hope WoT will bring it into the main game.

  9. So we can’t get that Player-vs-Bots onslaught mode people have been clamoring for, but we can get a quick cash-in on the current FPS gaming gimmick. Great…

  10. Very good distraction for people who reached end game and also for other people. As long as it stays a fun mode in which you can earn a few credits and in which people with lots of credits/gold don’t take an advantage it’ll be worth it to add it to the game.

  11. so this fine thing called Battle royal is just S***, you get set up against Obj 140’s Batchat 25t and skodas. what chance does a light tank with 8 sec reload have to kill an autoloader that can drive just as fast as you but with more pen and or armour, also the fact that you have to wait 20 min or more to get 1!!!!! tank back makes this game mode really worth (nothing).

  12. and there’s even a nice bug in it that does that you can’t pickup crates when your ammo hits 0 which makes you in your tank soo nicely useless, thankyou WG for giving us this (idk what you should call it)

  13. Another useless mode like Grand Battles, Rampage, Historical Battles and so on. Instead of fixing the game and it’s problems once again they waste resources on a ****ty game mode no one really asked for.

  14. Wot is the biggest fraud game! Customer service is horrible! They threat to players, they still money, if you say something publicly against them they programme you arows of 20 lost game on daily basis! I am talking about euro servers! God damned cheaters! I ržam looking for a lawyer to surže thIs cheating Co pay for insults, bullying me, for not refunded money, I have all proves and I will keep many other secrets for the court! I will get millions fir compensation! Pls if any lawyer contact me!

  15. Do let us know how that works out for you. I believe lawyers can be found in your local phone book, or through Google.

  16. I think he might need to Google medical help first! He sounds like half those players whining in chat!

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