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World of Tanks Developer Diaries: Polish Tech Tree

World of Tanks Dev Diaries Digest

  • Polish tech tree was first considered to be introduced in the European tech tree. But the idea was scrapped shortly after and Wargaming decided to release a Polish tech tree.
  • The biggest problem for the Polish tech tree was the high Tier vehicles: VIII, IX and X.
  • Wargaming had to look hard to find material for the Polish tech tree from archives and museums.
  • The Italian tech tree is going to be released first because it was easier for Wargaming to find information for its vehicles. It took considerably more time for Wargaming to gather all the data for the Polish vehicles.
  • The Polish tech tree will have a combination of historical and paper vehicles. The beginning of the tree is going to be historical, but the end vehicles will be made from paper projects.
  • It will be a combined tree with light tanks at the start, medium tanks in the middle and ends with heavy tanks.
  • Wargaming thought in introducing Soviet vehicles in the Polish tech tree, but in the end, decided not to do it because there are already enough Soviet clones in the game.
  • The Polish vehicles will enter Supertest stage very soon.
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    1. They kinda didn’t. It’s certainly going to be student project tanks (which were just student works and not actual projects) or just some random tank they pull out of their behind that they call a “blueprint tank”.

    1. No idea. Can be a possibility, but WG didn’t come forward with any information.

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