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World of Tanks Supertest: Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC

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A new British medium tank will enter Supertest soon: Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC. This vehicle is a post-war modifications of the Centurion Mk. V with reinforced frontal armour and a more powerfull engine. The new vehicle will have better mobility and stabilization but less hitpoints. The gameplay will be a bit different from other Centurion tanks.More detailed information will be available soon.


Video Preview


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC

  1. Make finally at least one (even premium) light tank… Chieftain – no, light – no, next premium med. – yes…
    Russian logic

  2. So a worse Centurion 1 with the mark 3 turret, unless WG “balances” the mk3 turret values down so that the Mk5/1 has the better turret.

  3. either this will be nerfed a bit and then be a reward tank for the new set of missions or it will be heavily buffed and sold as premium.

  4. And it will be locked behind a paywall (premium tank) 🙁

  5. Is this a tech tree or a premium tank? I ***ume it’s latter, because tech tree tanks are introduced in groups. The tank looks fantastic at first sight. Compliments to the developers and designers.

  6. Indeed, why not make light tank branch for the brits while they are at it? I’m pretty sure it would be easier to find tanks for the branch than finding high tier Polish tanks. No offense to Poland of course 🙂

  7. I would guess she’s the Atomic Tank, Centurion 169041. The one that survived a British atomic test carried out in a remote area of Australia, she then went on to fight in the Vietnam Conflict. She was originally a Mk3 upgraded to Mk5 and latter to Mk5/1(Aust).

  8. They could do Centurion 5/1 tier 8, Then the Centurion MK12 Tier 9 (with the “resilient” turret the Carn turret now) and the Chieftain tier 10

  9. its definitely going to be a premium… like the AC-1 and AC-4. As an Australian i am very excited and hope i will be able to get my hands on it but for most people there may not be a point. I personally do not think it has anything to do with the chieftain. They may possibly release it in conjunction with ANZAC day?

  10. Hopefully this is a premium, just so I can cycle my Cent 7/1 crew into a good tank and not the pos that is the FV4202… that being said, a Mk. 5/2 would have been WAY more exciting as a tier 8 premium.

  11. WG Dev may need to review and make changes to the UFP. The defining feature of the mark 5/1 upgrade was the addition of a 44mm appliqué plate welded to existing UFP to give 120mm at 57 degrees. Plus those brackets on the UFP should be holding 2 wheels, adding to its armour.

    Putting the tank in as it currently is may not go well with it’s intended target purchasers

  12. Put the track guards back on and the two spare road wheels on the upper glacis. No doubt it will be a Premium to make money. I’d probably buy it though.

  13. That tank is wierd, as it fills no obvious role. The real kicker is the RAAC-mark, if you ask me. International tree incoming?

  14. It will be the reward premium tank marathon from their 7th year game anniversary.

  15. Don’t think so. It just entered Supertest it won’t be released any time soon.

  16. They have three at the RAAC museum and training school at Puckapunyal one has beed shot at by Sabot, high penetration HESH and Heat from a Leopard 1 with the additional armour plate on the glacis its more like 120mm+ thick and angled they also have two spare road wheels fitted frontally that are an additional 26mm of spaced armour. It would have been over powered, come on its not a russian premium. Incidentlly the one at the front gate to the base is fitted with a British L7A1 105mm.

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