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World of Tanks CIS Community Managers Q&A

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A few days ago the CIS Community Managers SoLiDoNbl4 and Roland_Diskein did a Q&A session while streaming. Massive thanks to Bolnoj for translating what he believed were the most relevant questions.


  • Experience earnings in Ranked Battles will be changed differently for each class.
  • The new MM is more than template changes, it will have a rewritten structure to make it dynamically adapt to the current queue, unlike the current MM that only works strictly set templates. It is also expected that these changes will increase the number of top-tier battles.
  • Frontline is absolutely sure to be reintroduced at the start of the year. It’s pretty much ready. And Frontline economics haven’t been changed.
  • No plans for an option to change the nationality or gender of the crew members.

When will the Historical Battles return?

There’s nothing sure about Historical battles and we can’t say if they’ll ever return or not.

Why not increase the TK penalty by three times instead of turning team damage off completely?

There’s such a thing as accidental teamkill, team damage when someone took your shell accidentally, and we don’t think it’s right to punish with catastrophic fines in such cases.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just limit the amount of premium ammo in the loadout?

Well, in any case during the first part of the battle a huge amount of premium shells would be fired at armoured targets, and that would be like if nothing was changed.

Are there plans to implement some mods in the main client?

There are always plans to do that.

Will there be an option to choose a different map during the map loading when you get a map you don’t like?

Perhaps this option will be implemented in one of the new versions of the premium account.

Note: Really weird question and a weird answer too, I’m not too sure I understood it correctly, and not sure they have understood it, either. Please take with more than a grain of salt.

When will there be a clearing of dead account usernames?

They are carried out periodically. We don’t always announce it.

Note: Possibly relevant to RU server only.

Why does a username change cost so much?

Possibly so that people don’t constantly jump from one username to another, and don’t kill our database with an insane amount of username change requests.

Will there be details on the new referral program this year?

Unlikely this year, probably in January.

Are there plans to give the IS-7 an autoloader, like with the IS-3A? It had one historically.

It’s cool that it was there historically, but in this case, if we give it an autoloader, we’ll have to make very, very serious changes to the characteristics of the tank. Considering that IS-7 is one of the most popular tanks in the RU region, I’m afraid we’ll get so much resentment from the players that the gains from this action will be extremely low.

Are there plans to increase the number of reports per day?

As for now – no.

Are you going to nerf the Japanese heavies? They are toxic.

Yes, we have plans to change these tanks.

Plans for an Italian TD line? Low tier Italian premiums? Aufkl Panther?

Italian TD line – none for now, low tier Italians – possible, Aufkl Panther – not sure yet.

Any changes to ELC AMX or are you going to leave it like that?

Nothing’s going to happen to it.

What about T67, will it be nerfed?

I think – yes. T67’s been a pain to a lot of players for a long time, so we’re probably going to change it. And generally we’ll be changing vehicles in most cases, both the undeniably great ones and those lagging behind.

Should we expect an STB-1 rebalance?

For now, we are mostly done with T10s for some time and are busy rebalancing the lower tiers. But STB-1 will probably see some changes next year.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks CIS Community Managers Q&A

  1. “No plans for an option to change the nationality ir gender if the crew members.”
    I don’t understand WG on stuff like this. Why do they refuse to allow players to customize their own gameplay experience? Some players don’t like the female crew avatars and voices, why should they be forced to see this if they want to make use of the beneficial crew? And on top of that, they have already implemented beneficial male crew members (Cromwell B crew etc) so they just need to add a drop-down box for gender selection. They can even make it cost credits and/or gold. Very weird decision.

  2. How about you fix matchmaking and let us toll in a platoon like we use. How about you let us pick our own map based on what tank we have, not all of us enjoy being Arty in a city map etc etc. How about you get rid of the bots!!!! Quit predetermining our battles with non-penetrating or ricocheting shots and give us our Fair battles that we so rightfully deserve. Nerf the auotloading light tanks so they aren’t so dominating against every single tank they come actoss. Just a few ideas. Been playing wot on Xbox for 2.5 years now and I’m about to uninsyuni and wash my hands of the greed and selfish actions of war gaming that has no concern or consideration of the people who are actually playing this game and paying for it out of their pocket. As a paying customer I for one think I have a voice, but you people don’t care about your customers and because of that you’re going to lose more and more each day.

  3. The question of “Will there be an option to choose a different map during the map loading when you get a map you don’t like?” is likely their asking for a voting system. I’ve seen it before in a few games, like halo reach and mwo for two examples, where you have a random selection of three or 4 maps(reach a none of the above option to refresh the selection of maps). So basically, to give the players options to vote for maps they want to play instead of being forced to play maps they don’t like.

    Likely though such a system would result in arty players quitting playing(which I’d be fine with, no arty = fun) due to the mm restrictions and being outvoted by the rest of the teams.

  4. No changes to ELC?
    Why? Can’t they see it barely moves? I’m ok with the gun, could even agree it was a little too powerful, but come on 180hp engine is not enough, ELC had rough time fighting any mobile tank at close range, and now it’s impossible even with 4 tier lights
    I just want to be able to play my ELC aggressively like I used to instead of sitting in bush and trying to snipe, even if they decided to nerf the gun again

  5. Are they kidding? ELC barely accelerates, it went from a good tank to a total crap unless you really like to snipe and see your shells hitting everything but target, I’d be fine if they nerfed the gun even more just for being able to play it aggressively like I’m used to

  6. map choose option for premium players?? Gj donkeys ! More p2w !

    is7 will be OP with autoloader?? OF COURSE !!
    you dont do this without other drastically changes?? SURE !! JUST LIKE THAT ****IN IS3A !!
    loader without any other change or drawback !
    gj WG donkeys !

    you basically just recognized this OP problem on is7 idea and just implemented it on is3a

  7. Choosing map based on tank is the worst idea ever and imo would damage game a lot, imagine prohorovka would be full with 3 arty games, 5 lights per team and no hevies, city maps full with superhevies, Thats just awful idea…

  8. What angers me the most is that WG is fully aware of what they are doing. They are aware about t67 being too good and dominating low tiers, yet they are doing nothing to fix it for so long. Same with IS3a, ofc they know tank will be too good and yet they still make it and put in the lootboxes.

  9. I see no problem in this, given that you cannot ban more than lets say 10% of maps or 50%.
    All super heavies in a city? well yea would you take arty on himel or some heavy on prok?

    As long as its fair and same for all players it should be fine there are a lot of maps and usually people dislike a couple not half of them. Plus adding a bonus in credit/exp earning for those that dont ban maps is simple way to make it properly balanced.

  10. Funny answer on limiting the numbrer of gold ammo shells….ofcourse they don,t want this. They want people to shoot much moore gold ammo shells but on an expensive price…so..they lower the dmg and encrease the price…wg happy players not.
    Do you really want players not to shoot gold ammo?…do the price of all ammo the same and eeduce dmg to half at gold ammo…and then you see…

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