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World of Tanks: Bond Shop Update When?

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One of the most asked questions by World of Tanks fans: When will the Bond Shop be updated? Well, no one know and Wargaming doesn’t really want to share the information.

World of Tanks developers have addressed this question in their last stream with Russian Contributors, but as the usual information they share, it was very vague and not informative.

According to them, the Bond Shop should be updated close to Summer 2021, and that the shop itself should be updated. What they mean by “the shop should be updated”, we do not know, but could imply it might change what we can get there by expanding to other items or even a bigger collection of unique vehicles never released?

All we know at the moment is that in the past World of Tanks developers advised the inventory of the Bond Shop should be updated every six months, but in fact, the shop was last updated on July 13 2020, so almost a year ago.

Nonetheless, maybe we will get a new Bond Shop on July 12 this year? We will have to wait and see.

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  1. Ha ha man, I can not stop laughing from your sarcasm. You you deserve a noble peace prize.

  2. Hey Harkonen, once I have reached 2nd Division in ranked, how much time I have to buy Kpz50t? I don’t have enough bonds ATM.

  3. i’d like to get the FV215 B but i am looking for info on what will be brought in or released.. I have only 27k . good info Hark.. i check this site everyday!

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