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World of Tanks (EU): April Sneak Peek

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April Top of the Tree Deals

  • April 5 through May 5: XM551 Sheridan
  • April 20 through May 20: Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

April Specials

  • April 3 through April 5: Xtra Progress – Extra XP from Tier II to X
  • April 10 through April 20: 10 years of the World of Tanks EU server (Expect discounts maybe on Tech Tree tank, equipment, consumables and more)
  • April 17 through April 20: XP Fever makes the usual monthly return.
  • April 24 through April 27: Free consumables!

April Events

  • April 1: Wargaming doesn’t have the tradition of having anything special for April Fools, but maybe we can see something making a return?
  • April 12 through April 19: Steel Hunter makes a return for it’s second stage in 2021.
  • End of April: Brawl Mode is making a return!

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