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World of Tanks Black Market: Sixth Deal

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Yet another auction in the Black Market. This time it’s the Tier VIII British heavy tank Caernarvon Action X. Its regular price is 10,500 Gold, but players can start their bids with a minimum of 5,000 Gold.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market: Sixth Deal

  1. I bought this lasted BM forever silver.

    Glad they brought back the BM

    As always, keep up the greatest work Harkonnen

  2. Black market has been complete **** so far. A couple of collector tanks, rest has been bleh. Bring in the rare high tier tanks!

  3. For real?
    This tank was sold in the prev Black Market for SILVER/CREDITS….
    Absolute joke from WG. Atleast give us other tanks not the same crap for GOLD now…
    First they screwed SU76i sell, now Caern AX AGAIN…
    cmon wtf

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