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World of Tanks Black Market: Fifth Broken Deal

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Same place, same… No, not the same rules or whatever. The new deal was out in time for some regions, but seems the NA server got screwed again! But they aren’t alone this time, the supposed offer was the infamous Tier III Soviet tank destroyer SU-76i, for a modest quantity 15,000 Gold. The only problem is, whoever was able to buy it got the Chinese tech tree tank destroyer SU-76G FT, instead of the actual vehicle… But it doesn’t end here, if you already had the SU-76G FT in your garage, you couldn’t even participate in the Black Market…

The whole situation put together with the fact the Black Market happens at unreasonable hours almost everywhere, created a massive clusterf**k of situation. In one hand you have thousands of players who got the wrong tank that need to be sorted, on the other hand, you got how many players who couldn’t even participate because the Black Market was telling them they already had the regular Tech Tree tank…

Overall, we are three days in and the event is already so broken, that would most probably be better just to cancel it and start again with an improved formula…

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Black Market: Fifth Broken Deal

  1. people don’t understand the joke, its a black market, IRL if you buy something on a black market it can happen that you dont receive what you purchase …LOL wg made just a mega joke here, I think in some days people receive the real SU-76I those who bought it today. That’s all

  2. Komrade, black market hours are convenient in Russia. Puny NA or EU must adapt, just as they adapter their tanks to being the russian tanks b****s

  3. It was a joke for everyone who didnt own the chinese TD. But for those who already owned it and couldn’t buy it cause it was already in the garage, I’m pretty sure they didn’t see the fun in it!
    So, people who didn’t own it gets a free tank and the others a big FU from WG!

  4. Tru dat – I had the Chinese TD – I was screwed – bad joke WG – #WalletClosed

  5. I got banned for 3 days in chat for telling them this was a joke….the reason for the ban—INSULT…:))…they employ monkeys at WARGAYMING.

  6. .. the only tank on sale that i did not have in so far ..

    I am located in the EU started Wargaming games in 2011 on NA servers.
    And since people can not migrate whole accounts (WoT WoWp WoWs) between the servers (asking them for years now to do it) that did not change.

    Since i am a “good” collector i have the chinese SU-76G FT in my garage ..
    Which means .. got a “You already have this Item” – was also screwed when the sale started.

    I am a bit Upset .. Got almost ans ship available in Wows 400+ Tanks in WoT and 200+ Aircraft in WoWs – guess for other companies i would match the term “valued customer” for almost a decade.

    Seems for Wargaming idiots like me are just a source to make a lot of money.

    One of WG’s most reliable
    cashcows ..
    Mooo !

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