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World of Tanks: After 32 Days Standing, Chuck Norris Decided to Leave

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It is probably a world record, 32 days standing not taking a single break, not even for a second!

Chuck Norris walked around millions of World of Tanks garages, keeping an eye out for each one of us for 32 days, but now, he has decided it was time to leave and go stand somewhere else.

Legend says he never even sits, even when outside of World of Tanks, he keeps standing in random places, keeping his guard up and making sure everything is ok.

Now that Holiday Ops 2021 is over, we are back to our regular boring garage. We are left with amazing memories of yet another great Holiday Ops event, and a few pictures to remember us of what is to come in December 2021!

Of course, we will see Holiday Ops returning as early as December 2021, the event will repeat itself with some changes but bringing us the great holiday season atmosphere to World of Tanks.

To me, the best event all year round in World of Tanks, but what about you? Did you enjoy this year event? Did you collect all the decorations? What improvements would you like to see for Holiday Ops 2022? Let us know in the comment section!

13 thoughts on “World of Tanks: After 32 Days Standing, Chuck Norris Decided to Leave

  1. I feel kinda sad, i think its the reason many players including me, dont leave the game….till december…

    1. I dare say that its quite the opposite – most players are in fact returning to the game for the christmas event 🙂

  2. In that season and the previus also its something that i dont like at all. And this is gambling through the gold boxes to get one of the preniums. And that because its unfair trade, cause many players like me spend 70euros to gold boxes and got none of the preniums 8tier (got only the t78) and others from the first or the second box got the bisonte or another one. This is a game with tanks not a casino console! Its better to sell these preniums for a discount price or to buy them at a minimum amount of gold boxes like 70boxes! I got so mad to not getting none..that i am not going to buy another gold box if you remain to that strategy..
    Thanks alot

    1. Same story. 100$ gone, for some gold that I cant spend on double penetrator, styles I dont want and a flimsy tier 6 american tank I’m never gonna play. Watch me next year WG when you drop your gambling session.

    2. Bought 20 boxes to get get gold that I plan to spend for either for next battle pass or some premium and also to get few decorations for start to boost progres thru atmosphere lvl. Got what I wanted and some tier VIIIs as bonus that I never hoped for. Its gambling only if you want to gamble in the first place imho (and are cool not to have everything on the release date).

  3. Spoiler alert… Chuck Norris left WoT because Sylvester Stallone wouldn’t be able to even start writing script for Expendables IV without him.

    1. This was my first holiday ops since taking up WOT last spring when I was home a lot more. Wow. I am getting all warm and smiley just remembering the first day of my first holiday ops. Hands down my favorite event, but I have really enjoyed all of the events so far this year, frontline, Berlin, Waffentrager, Steel Hunter, Mirny.

      Chuck is now driving my Italian Mediums around. I learned that it turns out the armor isn’t to protect him, it’s a game balancing mechanism to slow him down and protect the opponents, otherwise we’d win every match 15/0, and it wouldn’t be fair.

  4. Hello, this is a very entertaining event and if you are lucky you get incredible prizes. There are players who do not like this but a lot depends on what they get in the boxes. This year it went very well for me (in the previous ones, fatal). What I like the least is the amount of duplicate decorations you get from the collider. In my last attempt to complete the collections, the same ornament came out 9 times. On the other hand, I would like to know how to take those cool photos of the garage, is it a mod? greetings and happy 2021.

    1. For taking “photos” of the garage, simply push the “Print Screen” key. You’ll see a message explaining that the screen has been saved in a file in a “screenshots” folder inside the folder where you installed WoT.

  5. The gold boxes are correctly valued. But if you want the premiums, which you shouldn’t pursue, as the chances to get them are really low, you are gambling.

    I don’t usually spend a lot of money on WoT during the year. Just the usual fee for the premium account. And last year, buying 75 boxes at the end of the Christmas Event, i’ve got basically everything of interest, enough prem days to last me for 6 months and gold for 5 high-value tier 8 prems. Add to that the Tank Rewards and various other events and i’ve spent money on one prem month last year. This year, i’ve repeated and i am set for the whole year again. Spent some of the gold on vehicles, some on the prem account. And i still have some gold left.

    I was lucky to get an Epic Advent Tank on Twitch and one of the styles. Most people weren’t. The Epic drop chances on twitch are really low, so i can’t advise in good faith to watch the streams. Take the last drop event, where over 95% of the viewers didn’t get any of the commanders. As those weren’t prem tanks, the chances to get them should have been higher. Much higher. For camos and commanders, the chances should be better. Also, some of the “deals” in the advent calendar were at higher value than when they were in the store sales. They were supposed to be deals, not gauging the potential customers. But again, just look at what WG EU offered for the Black Friday in 2020.

    The decorider…. as usual, the chances for a duplicate are way too high. Especially in the final days. I was trying to complete my collection and for one of the decorations i’ve hit that button 13 times…And still got a duplicate. I’ve managed to get my final two in the last day, with my few remaining shards. But i am fully aware that if i wouldn’t have bought the large boxes, i wouldn’t have been able to complete it. So, maybe tweak the small box drops and the decorider for better chances, so even the f2p users can be able to complete it?! Don’t forget that without those, you wouldn’t be able to have your high WR and so on. More boxes per mission or more missions for boxes would have been nice. I am pretty sure that most people did not complete their collections, so… why not allow them to do so?!

  6. I wasn’t able to buy a discounted tank from Chuck Norris succesful mission. I tried to click the tank but it didn’t work.

  7. i play 30 day and get 0 cammo style this stupid album can’t finish it every year

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