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World of Tanks 9.21 Supertest: FV215b (183) replaced by FV217 Badger

As you are all aware, the (in)famous FV215b (183) also know as Deathstar will be replaced by the brand new FV217 Badger.

So what happens? Just like previous replacements, you don’t lose the FV215b (183) if you have it in your garage before Update 9.21 comes out. Here’s an in-depth detailed guide to what will happen:

  • In Update 9.21 the British TD FV215b (183) will be replaced by the brand new FV217 Badger.
  • If you have the FV215b (183) in your garage at the time Update 9.21 comes out, you will get two tanks for the price of one. FV217 Badger will be added to your garage and FV215b (183) will stay in your garage as a Special Vehicle.
  • The FV215b (183) crew will be retrained and transferred to the FV217 Badger (Including any crew available to recover).
  • Undistributed experience available on FV215b (183) will be transferred to FV217 Badger.
  • Camouflages, Inscriptions and Emblems will be transferred to FV217 Badger.
  • Any reward/special camouflage, inscription or emblem present on FV215b (183) will be moved to the Depot and available to be used on any tank.
  • Any equipment on FV215b (183) will be transferred to the Depot for free and available to be used on any tank.
  • Statistics, Gun Marks and Masteries will remain on FV215b (183).

Cool isn’t it? If you haven’t started the grind and you want a free Tier X, what are you waiting for? Update 9.21 is scheduled to come out near Christmas 2017, so you still have about six weeks before it comes out.

FV217 Badger Stats

FV217 2.jpg


Tier X Tank Destroyer
Hit Points
Gun OQF 123mm Mk1
Shell Type APDS Mk I / APDS Mk II / HESH Mk I
Shell Avg. Penetration 272 / 320 / 130 mm
Shell Avg. Damage 480 / 480 / 620 (+60 / +60 / +100)
Reload Time 8.1s (+1.29)
Rate of Fire 7.41 (-0.60) rounds per minute
Aiming Time 1.63s
Average Damage per Minute 3,556.8 (-143.2)
Accuracy 0.288
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles -10 / +20
Hull / Gun Traverse Speed 22 / 16.7 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 30 / 12 (-4.3 / 0) km/h
Terrain Resistance
Hard 1.726
Medium 1.918
Soft 2.877
Hull Armour 355 / 101 / 38 (+51 / 0 / +7) mm
Weight / Max Load
65.0t / 70.0t
Engine Power 950
Specific Power 14.62 hp/t
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle 24.2 %
Concealment of Moving Vehicle 14.5 %
View Range 390 m
Signal Range 782 m
Crew 6



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  1. With rammer: 8,23 rpm x 480 = 3951 DPM quick maffs

    For comparison, the Tortoise has 8935 DPM with rammer, so virtually no difference.

  2. i low key hoped for a little buff to the deathstar when it got replaced, especially since the 4005 is so much better now (in practicular, the 20 rounds)

    1. would be nice if it got an armor buff, I wouldn’t mind it being a bit slower if it got that better armor. Maybe even some more gun depression when aiming over the sides of the hull?

  3. Deathstar has 5 crew members but Badger 6. What will be the 6th one ? Radio Operator ? Any info ?

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