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World of Tanks 9.21: British Tank Destroyers Armour Changes

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Update 9.21 will bring armour changes to three British tank destroyers: AT 2, AT 7 and AT 8. These vehicles will receive some armour buffs and nerfs needed for a long time, AT 2 won’t be such a hard tank to penetrate by tanks of the same tier, and AT 8 and AT 7 will be more in-pair with their same tier counterparts.

With these changes, the whole branch will have a similar playstyle from Tier V to Tier X, making it smoother and more comfortable to play. Please note, these changes are from Supertest and might change before final release.

AT 2 – Tier V

AT 2 9.21
AT 2 – Armour 9.21 – Click at picture for more details.
  • Frontal armour changed from 203.2mm to 152.4mm.
  • Frontal turret armour changed from 139.7mm to 114.3mm.
  • Frontal turret cheek armour changed from 152.4mm to 101.6mm and more layers added.
  • Frontal armour upper plate changed from 76.2mm to 63.5mm.
  • Side armour changed from 101.6mm to 76.2mm.
  • Gun mantlet spaced armour changed from 101.6mm to 152.4mm.
  • Track skirts spaced armour changed from 76.2mm to 25.4mm.
  • Rear upper armour changed from 50.8mm to 38.1mm.
  • Rear lower armour changed from 76.2mm to 50.8mm.
  • Rear turret armour and commander copula changed from 101.6mm to 50.8mm

AT 8 – Tier VI

AT 8 9.21
AT 8 – Armour 9.21 – Click at picture for more details.
  • Left side armour changed from 50.8mm to 101.6mm
  • Frontal armour at machine gun port changed from 76.2mm to 203.2mm and several other layers added or increased.
  • Commander cupola front armour changed from 101.6mm to 152.4mm
  • Commander cupola rear armour changed from 101.6mm to 76.2mm
  • Machine gun cupolas armour changed from 127mm to 203.2mm
  • Gun mantlet spaced armour changed from 101.6mm to 203.2mm
  • Rear top engine armour changed from 101.6mm to 76.2mm

AT 7 – Tier VII

AT 7 9.21
AT 7 –
  • Frontal armour layout changed with an introduction of several layers between 127mm to 203.2mm of armour.
  • Frontal armour 76.2mm weak spot removed. Armour increased to 190.5mm – 203.2mm.
  • Machine gun copulas armour changed from 101.6mm/127mm to 203.2mm.
  • Commanders copula frontal armour changed from 101.6mm to 203.2mm.
  • Commanders copula rear armour changed from 101.6mm to 76.2mm.
  • Frontal roof armour changed from 76.2mm to 88.9mm.
  • Gun mantlet spaced armour changed from 101.6mm to 203.2mm
  • Rear armour changed from 63.5mm/76.2mm to 101.6mm.

22 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.21: British Tank Destroyers Armour Changes

  1. This will make the AT2 unplayable. How stupid. Armor removed and no benefits to help it cope.

    Wargaming really is on a mission to lose players.

    1. Actually, I think this is good, very good indeed. 1st, it nerfs a tank people would use for sealclubbing, 2nd it encourages new players to progress through the line to the AT7, look at it’s armor! Basically no frontal weakpoints! If it stays like this, it will surely be a force on the battlefield in a top tier matchup.

      Thanks for the armor models, Harkonnen! …but for some reason I can’t click on the AT7 picture. 🙁

    2. The AT2 had serious problems with maneuverability and side and rear armor. If they are nerfing the armor all over I would hope to see a corresponding increase in the maneuvering and gun.

      Less armor = more speed?

    3. AT 2 isn’t a seal-clubber, never was. It’s a far too slow a vehicle to have any impact on a fight.

    4. Not true. It has a somewhat decent arsenal (even the howitzer is fun enough…I suppose) and 152 mm is still overkill for the tier, however less impenetrable for T6 and 7. I’d consider this only fair. It certainly doesn’t get better though. They may have to think about a gun buff.

  2. Looks like at-8 might become a new hidden gem, that armor buff was sorely needed.

  3. And the at8/at7 buffs come after I’ve already finished grinding this tanks. Nice meme. Is the at15/tort going to recieve similar treatment?

  4. Armor buffs to the line (excluding the AT-2) have been needed for a while… but this might be a bit on the side of overkill.

    Anything regarding the AT-15 and Tortoise?

    1. I read summary from different blog on reddit. It says this:
      “AT 15
      Mantlet no longer has weakspot behind it (so it is more like on the AT 15A). UFP is now 139.7 mm. Cupolas are thicker as well.

      Entire front became stronger. The roof is now 57.2 mm thick so it is no longer overmatchable except for the biggest guns in the game.”

      Haven’t seen the pictures as I didn’t want to visit that blog because I really don’t want to support it. That blog is like the opposite of what good blog should be (like Daily Bounce is for example).

    2. Ok, I can confirm there has been changes for AT 15 and Tortoise. I’ll publish them later today with images like these ones 😉

    3. I haven’t checked those two, but will later. There is no info in Supertest about changes to these two vehicles. I’ll have to investigate. I’m currently working really late, so I can only do as much on the little time I got at night 😀 will be back to “normal” soon I hope.

  5. Keep weak spot. Just to get people spam premium round. Funny how people complain about defenders but generally think this is a good change.

    1. There is difference between weakspot which helps you to pen otherwise heavily armored tank and weakspot which ruins the whole armor of the tank. Copulas on AT7 and AT8 are those armor ruining weakspots. Machine gun weakspot isn’t. I would love if they would buff the armor but kept the machine gun weakspot.

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