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World of Tanks 9.16 – Sell Equipment without using Gold – Premium Vehicles

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Hello everyone,

Not sure if this will be a feature or it’s just a bug. Update 9.16 will introduce the vehicle restoration feature, so if you sell a Premium Vehicle, you can restore it using credits and you don’t have to use Client Services. Our Russian friends already have the update live and while doing tests, they found you can actually sell the equipment in your Premium Vehicles without having to pay 10 Gold per Equipment to remove it. How? Just sell your Premium Vehicle, it will give you credits for the tank and the equipment in there, and then just buy your premium vehicle back…

Word of advice, if you want to try it, do it for one premium tank at a time, don’t go around selling all you premium tanks… Who wants to volunteer and see if it works?

6 thoughts on “World of Tanks 9.16 – Sell Equipment without using Gold – Premium Vehicles

  1. Ehm equipment could be sold for credits along with a tank before 9.16 too.

    1. At half price, which means buying it when it is on 50% off sale and later selling it with the tank should give you zero loss.

    2. But you couldn’t recover the tanks… Now with premium (you can only recover it once) you can do it… But is it worth?

    3. As I understand your post the equipment is not sold but stored in your inventory … but having a fuss with selling and reclaiming a tank for 30 gold … honestly not worth the attempt.

    4. You need credits and you got equipment on a premium tank you dont use. You sell the tank, and recover it. Profit of 50% value of your equipment without having to spend 30 Gold to remove it.

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