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World of Tanks: 122 TM Lunar Challenge 3D Style

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Today’s update has brought us a new 3D Style for a very special tank: 122 TM Chinese Premium medium tank.

The new style will be part of the upcoming “Lunar Hunt” Marathon, that we are expecting to be announced later today.

The style as the marathon will be an event dedicated to celebrating the Chinese New Lunar Year and will start on 12 February lasting for the usual 10 days.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: 122 TM Lunar Challenge 3D Style

  1. I think it’s very overfestived. I personally don’t like the 3D style… 2D looks better

  2. That skin is clearly a fire hazard.

    Plus it’s not GRIMDARK enough – at the very least it should have blood splattered across it to appease the seething testosterone he-man 16 year old alpha males of WoT like me.

  3. This has to be one of the worst skins I’ve ever seen. How did this p***, did WG invite a chimpanzee that just picked stuff at random with employees following behind going “Fantastic! Incredible!” Like what???

  4. I hope they tone it down just a liiiittle bit.
    As it stands, it do be mad ugly

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