World of Tanks

World of Tanks 1.0 coming on March 2018

One of the biggest newsbeats at this year’s WG Fest is the announcement of Update 1.0. It took almost 18 months to be done but Wargaming has completely rebuild World of Tanks and brought it to a modern day game standard.

With its release, maps will become larger, and landscapes—more realistic. The update will feature completely reworked water, destructible objects, new effects, and many other interesting things. The game will have new sound. Now, each location will have its own soundtrack to promote the atmosphere of the map. The wait is almost over as Update 1.0 is scheduled to be released on March 2018.


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    1. Tier 10 is catering more and more to premium account users due to the inordinate amount of gold bullets needed to succeed but you have plenty of other tiers to choose from.

      For whatever reason, WG decided I deserved 4 free loot boxes for not playing the game the past months so I have a few new goodies to try out. Can’t complain much about free stuff.

      1. Just check todays ideal SH/CW tier 8 tank lineup. Patriot, Defender, Black Dog, Skorpion, Strv S1, Lorraine 40t. Sometimes maybe IS-3 and Amx 50 100.

        And I don’t remember anyone saying this about Open beta premiums. Who would think that things like T 14 were OP?

  1. Important that they keep upgrading the game or it will die.

    Other things that can kill it, broken Match Making, gold spamming, power creep, seal clubbing, illegal mods and more.

    Congratulations on 1.0 but fix the flaws also.

    1. You can cross gold spamming of that list. In one of their latest interviews, WG developers said they checked the statistics and concluded it is not an issue. Statistics showed gold spam was minimal. So, unless someone can show us something different with reliable data, nobody will do anything about that.

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