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Wargaming Fest 2017: World of Tanks 2018 Plans

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What’s coming in 2018?

World of Tanks 1.0

As announced before, World of Tanks Update 1.0 will be released in March, about thirty maps will be available straight away, leaving just a few to be converted into HD. Wargaming also announced the World of Tanks enCore, where players are able to download a demo and test their system.

Update 9.22: Soviet Tech Tree Revision

Update 9.21 was just released, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be any update until Update 1.0. Coming in February, Update 9.22 will bring a lot of changes to the USSR tech tree: two alternative HT mini-lines, a new rear turreted MT mini-line, Object 430 line changes and TDs with rear-mounted turrets changes.

New Heavy Tanks

Three new heavy tanks with rear-mounted turrets will make their debut at Tiers VIII–X: IS-2Sh, Object 705 and Object 705A. Researchable from the KV-13 Researchable from the IS, this bunch take after the IS-7 in the speed and armour departments and offer different gameplay that feels like a blend between the Panzer VII and the IS-7.


The lightly armoured T-10 didn’t really fit well between the IS-3 and IS-7, but that didn’t stop it from gathering an army of fans. Fear not because it will stay at Tier IX and gets its own mini-line headed by yet another Tier X newcomer that will be added after 9.22. Object 257 will be introduced as the new Tier IX, in between IS-3 and IS-7, making the line more natural to progress.

New Medium Tanks

A new mini-line researchable from the T-44 will make its debut. The Object 430 will move down to Tier IX, making room for the Object 430U at Tier X and forming a new mini-line of well-armoured assault medium tanks with high alpha.


Initially, Wargaming was planning to remove Object 416 and build a line from two medium tanks with rear-mounted followed by another two with traditional turret. However, Supertest results and player feedback changed this plans and Wargaming come up with an alternative setup: A-44, Object 416, Object 430 Variant II and a New Tier X. The all-new Tier X MT with tough turret armour and gameplay will feel like a natural progression up the A-44 line. It will be added after 9.22.

Rear-mounted Turret Tank Destroyers


The SU-100 line is getting reshaped into assault TDs. Mobile and bouncy, they’re destined for mid-to-close combat. It’s where they can angle to deflect shells and leverage maneuverability to perform quick assaults, dismantling enemies with high-DPM guns.

Although Wargaming is working out the final setup, you can expect several big comebacks and a major reshuffle at Tiers IX–X:

  • SU-122-54 gets removed.
  • SU-101M1 and SU-101 return to Tiers VII and VIII, respectively.
  • Object 268 Variant 4 will replace the Object 263 at Tier X, while the latter will move to Tier IX.


Personal Note: I really don’t understand what Wargaming is doing with Object 263 line. We just had confirmation a few days ago, that player feedback was very clear the players didn’t want Object 263 to be moved to Tier IX, but today during WG Fest we get that all the initial changes are still going to come? They claim they have listened to player feedback, I’m just not sure what player base gave that feedback. I really hope they don’t introduce these changes and keep Object 263 as an alternative Tier X and introduce a new Tier IX instead.

Premium Vehicles With Preferential Matchmaking

Wargaming is looking into Premium tanks with preferential matchmaking. They often fail to compete on par against their researchable peers that underwent significant improvements. Stand-alone tweaks won’t solve the problem, reason why Wargaming is working on a complex solution to revitalize them without disturbing the game balance. KV-5 will be used to conduct these tests and if they are successful, then others will follow the same path. It will take more than a few months, but Wargaming agrees that a problem like that should be addressed without rushing.

Two New Nations

*Updated with new information on 28/12/2017

It’s been a year since the Swedish nation was introduced, but Wargaming has plans to expand the roster with Tech Trees from two European countries during 2018: Poland and Italy. Wargaming has left two small clues in their video, where you can see an heavy tank Carro Armato P43 Pesante bis and a medium tank B.B.T.BR. Panc.

New Modes

Ranked Battles and Frontline will be coming in 2018, and while it’s too soon to talk details about Frontline, Wargaming shared some details about the next Ranked Battles Season:

  • Chevron-earning: Move from only rewarding chevrons to players on the winning team to rewarding them to the top performers of both teams. Tankers on the winning team will get more chevrons, of course.
  • Rank system: The system stays the same as in the 2nd Beta, but Wargaming increased the number of ranks to smooth the progression curve.
  • Defending your rank: This new mechanic is designed to ensure your ranks don’t “burn” upon a few unsuccessful battles. Instead, you’ll be able to prove you still deserve the ranks you’re holding by defending certain ranks in battle.
  • Duration: There’ll be fewer stages than in the 2nd Beta, and they’ll be longer. Players won’t need to play through the night to level up over a week-long stage. Wargaming wants players to focus on putting on a great performance rather than playing the required number of battles.

New Ways to Earn & Spend Bonds


Wargaming is trying to staying true to their promise to add more ways to get and spend Bonds. Right now, you receive them with every Epic Medal and Battle Hero achievements earned in Tier IV-X vehicles, in Tier X Random Battles and Grand Battles. Engaging in the ongoing campaign on the Global Map also lets you earn Bonds and exchange them for tanks. And Wargaming doesn’t plan to stop here – there are plans to make customization items and vehicles available with Bonds and to add even more ways to acquire this new currency in 2018.

Next Phase of Customization


Update 9.21 laid the groundwork for a more sophisticated customization system, and evolving it is high on our priority list for 2018. Wargaming will focus on three things: adding new styles, bringing new mechanics to tiers VI–IX, and developing 3D customization items.



There is a salvo of activities on the way to crank up the tank action to the max next year! From atmospheric quests like Leviathan’s Invasion to marathons with a wider list of rewards, including Bonds, customization items, and of course tanks. The FIFA World Cup is going to be held in Russia, so Wargaming won’t pass on the chance to revive the football mode next summer, either.

15,466 thoughts on “Wargaming Fest 2017: World of Tanks 2018 Plans

  1. You should get Obj430U and keep the 430 as Tier IX. If you have 430 Version II them you will keep it in the new branch and you have to grind the new Tier X

  2. I dont understand the new Obj 705A line building off the KV-13. The IS-M was to be a modernization of the IS so it would logically build off it. Sure the KV-13 was developed into the IS but wouldn’t that mean it should go KV-1 -> KV-13 -> IS -> IS-M?

    And how the hell did they think people would suddenly agree to the Obj 263 change? The players that were the most vocal when it came to slamming the idea was the Russian player base where they hit 80 pages on their forum of pure negativity towards the idea.

    WG really are illogical and stupid.

    But I must say they did a good job with the MT line keeping the Obj 416 in. Glad they realized the opotunity for a rear turreted line

  3. I see it as an effort to make KV-13 more popular. It is one of the few tanks that doesn’t really lead somewhere. Vk 3002 DB also used to be like this, being crossroad between Tiger and Panther, but they changed that a long time ago. Only really bad thing about this is that you go from medium to heavy tank which is bad for crew.

  4. The KV-13 is good because it gives players an option to switch from the MT line to the HT line and vise versa. But at tier 7 going into tier 8, people tend to have a solid idea what line they want to choose to go towards to the crossroad is general overlooked (in my opinion anyway), by dropping it down a tier it allows more flexibility to choose where to go.

    This is what I suggest:

  5. Damn, can’t they make a mini branch with tier 8 ISU-122 and tier 9 SU-122-54, that would tie to one of the tier 10 TDs? 🙁
    Otherwise we would probably lose one (if not the only one) fo the few non-premium ingame post-WW2 anti-tank SPG’s.

  6. i dont like that the is-m comes from kv-13 it doesn fit i think and also i was grinding exp at is 🙁

  7. 416 is one of the few tier 8 meds most player enjoy. So if they removed that, they would indeed get upset. Tho as for pref MM tanks. I actually want them to remove the pref MM on my IS-6 and buff the gun. I would rather face tier X all day and have good pen, vs having crap pen and facing tier 8 Super heavies all day I can’t pen. Tho I know others would be mad if they lost it. So it’s not an easy thing either way.

  8. I know it’s a bit too late and not sure if it’s worth correcting here (maybe in a new post), but the two tanks in the tralier are the Italian P43 (bis) and the Polish 25TP which has a 3D model already released by WG.

    Compare the first picture in your article with the pictures here:

    -You can see the angled frontal armour reaching the front of the tank like on the drawings, on the P26/40 the angling is way steeper
    -The headlight in on the side of the tank like on the drawing, on the P26/40 the headlight is in front of the frontal armour panel
    -The second teaser picture (which wasn’t included in your post) shows the back of the tank. On the right side you can see the commader’s cupola which was a feature only on the P43 and the general shape of the turret fits the P43’s turret, there was no cupola like that on the P26/40, nor the shape of it’s turret is similar

    And here is the Polish tank’s blueprint and the model made for WoT:

  9. Yes, I know. Just didn’t have time to edit the article yet. But soon after I’ve published, I’ve started digging for these tanks and found the same info as you! Thanks for sharing anyway 🙂

  10. Hiiiii… On something that is really weird, I see the kv-13 is corrected to IS in the text but WG hasnt corrected itself anywhere that I saw or noone has been corrected in the comments. Can anyone help me, and others with the same question?
    IS-M coming from KV-13 or IS (and how sure this info is)?

  11. I dont have any pref MM HT, but I hope they wont remove it from MTs. Only playable t8 premium meds are with pref MM. Because in my case I would rather have only 175mm pen on my T-34-3 (which is good enough with combination of HEAT ammo), instead of “good” pen which is still **** vs tier 10s. For example, 200mm of pen on Revalorise is still useless, you cant do anything with that againts tier 10 HTs. And sometime even againts Tiger II and STA-1, because french gun and APCR ammo…

  12. So for us Noobies, its safe to work on the IS line until the new tanks come out?

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