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WGL Grand Finals 2017 Pictures and London Event

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Hello everyone,

What a day, WGL Grand Finals 2017 in London was an amazing event. Special thanks to MrConwayFrazer and Richard ‘Challenger’ Cutland, for organizing and for being there with the community.

The event itself needs to improve a little bit, but it was it’s first edition. Tons of goodies for everyone, WG Staff always speaking with players and at the same time we could watch the Grand Finals. For those who wanted to test some tanks, or even new ones, there was plenty of PC’s to do so. I’m sure next year will be even better.

Wargaming hired an amazing artist to paint one of the walls and my good friend and “PR Manager” took the opportunity to improve it a little bit…

Frazer: “What’s this? Oh you sneaking…”

The space had three main areas, one with a bar where players could get refreshments and there were some consoles about to play World of Tanks Console. Then we had a main stage area, with loads of seats and a big screen to watch WGL Grand Finals, and at the end we had another space with all the PC’s and a VR Experience area.

Players from everywhere came to meet and enjoy a nice time, myself had the pleasure to finally meet TcFreerOinked and WOTboys and loads of followers. A very special tanks to WOTboys for giving me a High Calibre pin. I wanted one for a very long time, need to start sending you guys a few pictures so I can get more of them.


MrConway gave me several codes to giveaway and I’ll be doing a giveaway very soon, I’m just waiting for a few more goodies to top up the Giveaway.

Resuming, was a great day out in London and will we should get Wargaming do more of these so players can meet up.

WGL Grand Finals 2017 Moscow

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