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World of Tanks – EU Server – Chi-Nu-Kai Giveaway

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Hello everyone,

Wargaming had some codes left almost expiring, so they were kind enough to give me 5 codes for a Chi-Nu-Kai, Garage Slot and 3 Day Premium Account to give away. All codes will expire on 1st June 2017, so I’ve decided to do a 24h giveaway and the winners will be picked tomorrow, 30th May 2017.


Rules and How to Enter – Please Read

  • There are 5 codes to giveaway in total;
  • Codes are only valid for EU Accounts;
  • Contestants can only enter once per account;
  • Each code will give:
    • Chi-Nu-Kai
    • Garage Slot
    • 3 Day Premium Account
  • If a winner already has the Chi-Nu-Kai in the garage, he will receive:
    • 600,000 Credits
    • Garage Slot
    • 3 Day Premium Account
  • Winners will be picked randomly

Click Here to Enter


6 thoughts on “World of Tanks – EU Server – Chi-Nu-Kai Giveaway

  1. Sooo i assume since im the first to comment about it that i enter here, Well Ok

    IGN: Alephus

    And Good luck to every1 else

    PS: Portugal !!!

  2. Oops, i didnt read how to fill the form before submitting, so my Tanker name is not correct

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