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Wargaming vs Foch: Casualty Number One and Two

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Hello everyone,

Drama never seems to end… And now the big casualty has come: Mighty Jingles has left the server! Jingles has decided to leave Wargaming EU Community Contributor Program and with him PointyHairedJedi. Actually PointyHairedJedi was the first one to leave and minutes later Jingles drops the bomb…

The first two to leave, and most probably others will follow. If Wargaming thought all this drama was coming to an end, oh boy you were in for a great day tomorrow.

I am yet unsure on what to say about all of this. I can understand Wargaming wanting Foch to take down the video for the language he used, but I am against the way they did it and the threats they made.

Now I can also understand PHJ and Jingles position, specially after we found out that the latest statement given to Kotaku acusing Foch of “hatespeech and homophobic slurs” were given by WG NA… It doesn’t seem to any communication between both regions on this matter. While I applaud WG NA reaction to this matter on the official forums, I don’t applaud, neither agree with them to make such statements when Foch and others like me aren’t part of WG NA Community Contributor program, so they, in my opinion, reached out of their hand and instead of trying to put out the fire, just made it worse…

I’ll leave this here for now, I’m still digesting all this and I can’t say I’m in the best of moods to make a bigger article.

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15,466 thoughts on “Wargaming vs Foch: Casualty Number One and Two

  1. It’s really sad all this had to happen because an idiotic misfit couldn’t keep the slightest resemblance of professionalism and went full ****** for a handful of subscribers.

    Perhaps it’s high time WG put an end to this **** show.

  2. How? I’m still wondering where this is all going… If Youtubers are leaving because they fear a copyright strike, imagine me that publish leaks… it’s 10 times worse.

  3. I’ll miss jingles if he makes fewer videos. Life goes on. Wish him the best but it will not have any affect on whether I play the game or not. I follow the old prison saying “do your own time”. In other words, do not get involved in other peoples drama.

  4. This is turning into a **** show (storm).
    What’s really at stake here as of how things progressed?
    It’s the takedown threat we’re all talking about, correct?
    We’ve gone so far now, we’re so far removed from the actual game of WoT, we’re not even discussing WoT anymore (QB thankfully addressed issues related to the game on his video). We’re just slinging **** at the wall and each others faces.

    On Reddit they defamed Rita, for being a woman, for being with Jingles, for being ugly, etc. etc.
    All for not towing the company, scratch that, the community line.

    So now 2 great CC jump ship and we’re stuck with the two most idiotic toxic streamers I’ve ever seen on WoT. What happens with the rest? Do they all jump ship? Or they point and laugh at those who did?

    Where’s Foch in all this? Hiding in some cave?

  5. I thought Jingles said in his video that he changed his mind after talking with one if the WG head staff who apologized/clarified and told him via a private convo that no more Copyright strikes will be attempted. But he did say he was going to diversify into other games so he won’t have all of his eggs in a single basket. As of PHJ that is his decision and I respect it. QB also spoke out againt WG which might help WG getting off their ***es and prevent from fully dragging their game down the ******* since he’s the biggest EU CC.

  6. I’ve taken a week off in protest. It was the comments by the NA people who got me. I’m in America and…yea…we do free speech here. If Jingles doesn’t come back, I probably won’t either. I trust him.

  7. This tension has been building for quite a while. Most of WG’S focus has been on pumping out premium tanks and not on improving the game overall. When old premiums don’t sell because they underperform, they start selling new overpowered ones to compensate. Then the Chrysler. The tank with no frontal weak spots that basically forces opposing tanks to shoot gold. This needed to happen to get wargaming to understand what players want. We want more maps. We want more Tech trees. We don’t want more of their “rebalancing.” And this is without mentioning the OP tier 10 heavy switch ups to force people to shoot gold and prompt people to buy free xp to get whatever one is OP at the time.

  8. It appears that Foch did only Speak his mind.. Sadly he has no filter which I admire. From that, if it was left alone there wouldn’t be any fallout right now. HOWEVER the EU guy reached in the breadbox pulled out couple of slices.. the NA schmuck placed a maus size pile of turd upon those slices.. it is now up to the RU to either slice the sandwich into half or better yet thirds so all will have a bite.

  9. Good.

    Foch video did make a difference and in my opinion achieved exactly what it was always meant to. Finally with all this ****show WG will be forced to listen to the Community and fix this ****ing game….

    Too long it has been that this game has been going down the ******* with ******ed pricing strategies, cleverly disguised pay to win, ridiculous rng etc etc. The list goes forever.

  10. It’s a big **** sandwich and we all have to take a bite.

  11. Perhaps this will shock WG out of their bubble. If the CC program is just yes-people then it’s not really worth it. We need honest reviews of the game. After 9.18, I’ve pulled way back from the game and honestly don’t want to spend anymore money on it. I didn’t like how they treated the players then and I don’t like how they treated SirFoch either.

  12. WG:NA foryms reaction was to take down all pists criticizing wg last night. Some 20-30 threads got tajen down without any notification. People agreeing with WG and completely for copyright strikes and removal of forum posts do not get taken down.

    It appears wg:na is run by antifa as they went against WG:EU to not exclude copyright strikes, to slander Foch in order to avert the attention and sweep any oposing opinions from their forums.

  13. Honestly, this is some of the worst PR handling I have ever seen. A public apology from the CEO of Wargaming is in order, along with a full explanation of what happened and who is responsible. I’m not saying that anyone should lose their job, but certainly we need to see a corrective action.

  14. Is this a joke, you ****tard? Cause it sounds like your against Foch.

  15. Please mind the language. Respect other people opinion and keep comments constructive and civilised.

  16. Are you telling us that PHJ,Jingles and even QB (openly criticing WGs actions as well as recent game development),all defend an “idiotic misfit” and his subscribers?

  17. Check all his posts on this matter,past days.
    We allready had a little “conversation” about his language and lack of opinion-arguments,instead flaming BS vs everybody defending not Foch but his arguments keeps coming in.
    As i said,opinions not backed up by arhuments are like @@sholes,everybody has one.

  18. Exactly,that alone makes Foch drama a win situation for the players.
    Had we counted on other “mild” or lets just say politically correct CCs to speak up,we would still be waiting…..
    Even QB remebered to express his opinions about the games problems and flaws and send them to WG.
    A good thing to do.
    I mean it.
    But why wait to do such statements-actions when the **** allready hit the fan?

  19. Wargaming is killing the game. Patch after patch. . . Updates after updates. The last heavy buff and the last patch are ridiculous in my opinion. Now there is no map control no player skill and no medium tanks that can make a difference. A team only need a ” low average platoon players” with heavies tanks and they will win the game. Rushing trough the map core, with derp guns and crazy armour… People what love to play medium tanks are loosing the will to play… I am considering to give up on this to be honest.

  20. The video says jingles has changed his mind after talking to the Head of Community Manager. Am I wrong?

  21. I’ve now heard the new Mingles with Jingles 198. He’s right when he says WG doesn’t speak between them, they actually act as separate companies with different management. This makes me THINK a couple of things. These are my opinions:

    1- Wargaming NA & RU doesn’t give a damn **** what happens to EU community. RU community has even bigger YouTubers and social channels.
    NA server is so diverse they are planning to create a Latin American Server.

    2- Most of the new upcoming players are not involved to the wot community. They seat, play the game and spend some money on premium tanks, accounts and gold. So, loosing one of the best symbols of EU server doesn’t hurt that much WG as the number of people that really cares is very low comparing to the total players out there.

    3- It feels like WG think the game is reaching its end. The way the game is going forward feels like a pay to win system with more usage of gold needed, more buffed armours, etc… It’s like an airline company that when getting in debit stretches the profitability to the maximum, most of the time saving money on maintenance – which guaranties the safety of the flight. The game is going to a point where it will loose its balance with a no turn-back. This’s what happens when a company doesn’t give a damn F to its products and just want to see numbers coming in.

    4- And… It might be the end of the game. With people that care about it getting less and less involved, there’s no reason to play. What makes WoT a great game is its engaged community. When WG stop carrying about this people it will only rest the new, less engaged players and, we know by fact, they won’t last that long.

    All my love.

  22. Everybody is replaceble and wg can choose other yutobers to advertise their products anytime…

  23. This guy is right about one thing: professionalism was thrown out the window, and p***ionate people with no actual clue to how community-related contributions work are jumping into the hate bandwagon because WG handled the situation poorly.

    If you give free game ***ets to a Youtuber for a deal in which he advertises your stuff to gain viewers and money out of it and then he turns around and says “**** you” in a video, you’d be asking him to take the video down as well.

    Honest, constructive criticism is one thing. “**** Wargaming” is another.

  24. The thing is, there’s too many thing that the playerbase want for WG to cover atm, and even they can only do so much (Arty changes was fine, buff to old prem was fine, the rest … not too much …)
    You have people who wants to pump out new contents (Tanks, Maps, Game modes, End-game materials, …)
    You have people who wants to fixing the current game (Balancing, Economy, …)
    And you have people who just hate WG for, you know, being WG
    I mean, I’ve only play the game for 4 years, so I dont have that much experience about the game as a whole, but honestly, if WG really want to get their ****s right, it’s gonna take very, very long time (That is, if they actually know what to do)

  25. You cant be in a good mood knowing if you says the truth they can screw you up with CR strike. I just hope wg will pay SOME attention to what does Foch said.

  26. He’s one of the biggest, but Jingles ain’t CC anymore so that leaves QB as biggest. We can only hope that WG will listen

  27. Yes, it is very childish to respond poorly to threats of Blackmail and Extortion made by a major corporation.
    Wait, that should be the opposite, it is very reasonable and adult.

  28. Jingles, respect your view 100%. However, should you not have contacted Schill and got him to clarify the global Wargamming position first? It may well be that NA are just shooting from the hip, and that Schill can confirm that the global view is the same as EU’s. On that basis you would be safe to continue. Good luck anyway.

  29. WGNA talking to Kotaku about this is the problem.
    Kotaku is the second worst place they could have given a statement for (NeoGaf is first and Polygon is third.). Their focus on scandals and hate is not good for a PR move.

    So, here goes my money back into my wallet (I was really thinking about purchasing that Pz3 premium) for a while again.
    And let’s see what happens after the second, joint apology.

  30. It was Schill’s choice to make the statements he made. He made inaccurate claims, possibly pressured by an overeager Kotaku reporter. He should’ve known better, and this blew up on his face because he rushed a statement.

  31. You know, Id agree with that if, by the time the comment I was replying to had been made, Wargaming hadnt already apologized to Foch for both statements. Literally, 2 CCs quit without a full statement from WG, and others were “considering their options”. It was mostly just posturing and trying to profit from the on going drama that was already long since done with between Foch and WG.

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