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Wargaming RU Employee Banned

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Hello everyone,

Seems Wargaming RU never ceases to surprise! Yet another employee has been banned from World of Tanks, this time for rigging Team Battles.

Wargaming has conducted an investigation after receiving several reports of an employee participating in rigged battles. The suspicions were confirmed and the employee account has been permanently banned from the game and he will disciplined accordingly within the company policy.

Evilly has issue an announcement with this information and an apologize to everyone affected by the employees actions. He also announced the name of sixty five other players permanently banned from the game for violation of Game Section 2, Clause 2.1.2: Participating in rigged battles of any source, expect Training Battles, isn’t permitted”.

I’ve glad Wargaming isn’t trying to hide this or wasn’t soft on him because he is an employee and actually investigated the issue and announced their findings and actions. What you think? Leave your comments bellow.

Source: Official RU Forum

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15,466 thoughts on “Wargaming RU Employee Banned

  1. Damn, this makes me love word of tanks. They really truly care about they’re players. ??

  2. Well that sounds great but what about the team or teams he helped. Should they not also be permanently banned. They had to be in collusion. Hope this employee isn’t falling on his sword. With all the money players spend on WOT there must be justice for all players. The sword of justice must fall on the cheaters.

  3. Im not surprised this goes all the way up to employee’s. This game needs a revamp. I have played it since 2012 and instead of getting better it has gotten worse.

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