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World of Tanks – Sacred Valley Supertest Changes

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Hello everyone,

Supertest Server will soon begin testing a new version of Sacred Valley. The main objective of the changes are to increase the opportunities, simplify navigation and improve the movement on the map during a battle. This got achieved by reducing the number of bumps, hills and small obstacles. In addition extra homes and small objects got removed, which impeded orientation.

pqvibdtir5mMain changes on this map:

  1. Central part of the map levelled, cleaned the mountain and reduced the number of houses and small objects. This is done to reduce the number of breaks through the central portion of the map. Now it can be used for initial “spotting” or finding the defensive positions of the enemy during the battle.
  2. Positions for TD’s created near the bases of the teams. Players can shoot at the central part of the map and into a corner of the monastery. If successful, you can fire at the enemy positions for tank destroyers (the distance between them is about 500 m).
  3.  In the monastery a few small obstacles and trees were removed and also a shaft on the edge of the gorge.
  4. Zone for heavy tanks at the waterfall. The central hill was cut: now lights can easily detect the enemy and play at different distances.