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World of Tanks – Trade In Bug

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Hello everyone,

Wargaming announced some tanks wouldn’t be eligible for Trade In, like Personal Mission Reward, Clan War Reward or Rare Tanks, but seems they have missed the T28 Concept. Players are able to get 3,500 Gold using the T28 Concept when they buy a new Premium Tank using the Trade In feature.

The following video shows a Russian player getting a M4A1 Revalorisé for only 3,700 Gold because he trades in a T28 Concept and after that he would be able to recover the T28 Concept for 1,540,000 in-game credits.

Did Wargaming missed just one tank?

No, definitely not. Wargaming missed another important Clan War Reward tank, the IS-5. Players are able to trade in an IS-5 for 6,000 Gold, but no details if it’s possible to recover it using in-game credits.

Official List of Tanks NOT eligible for Trade In

Tier VI

  • M4A3E8 Fury

Tier VII

  • ?V-122
  • T-44-122
  • T23E3


  • WZ-111
  • M6A2E1
  • Type 59
  • Chieftain/T95
  • T26E5
  • ISU-130
  • ?V-4 Kreslavskiy
  • ?-44-100 (?)

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