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Update 9.20.1: Armour Changes, KV-4 & Obj.416 HD Models

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Update 9.20.1 will bring further armour changes to some new HD model tanks. Players have asked for pictures of Object 416 and KV-4 with their respective top turrets, and I managed to get some pictures of them.

Another question was if the Bat.-Châtillon 155 55 could now equip ventilation since the turret is now enclosed. After checking the list of equipment, I can confirm this arty won’t be able to fit ventilation, the front of the enclosure is still open, allowing the fumes to come out.


Object 416 HD Model

Object 416 Armour

KV-4 HD Model

KV-4 Armour

STB-1 Armour

T-34-3 Armour

M6 Armour

15,466 thoughts on “Update 9.20.1: Armour Changes, KV-4 & Obj.416 HD Models

  1. love they buffed also buffed the turret cheeks for the STB 1, so not only just a visual change, but also a slight buff.

  2. Well, now the STB-1 is very much like the AMX-30 now. Did’nt Wargaming just change from a Leopard-1 to an STB-1.

  3. because otherwise tier 6 tank can penetrate the KV4 with gold
    we cant have that.

    i mean its not like tier 8 ever had a problem penetrating the 180 mm mid plate.(except for tanks like the 112 and IS6)

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