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Update 9.19: Improved Equipment and Directives

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Hello everyone,

Update 9.19 was released today in the Russian Server, EU and NA should get it tomorrow as per usual. There’s a big article about Improved Equipment and Directives, but we all know what they are and how to get them. What is important at the moment is what bonus they give, and Wargaming shared a couple of images with the information.

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15,466 thoughts on “Update 9.19: Improved Equipment and Directives

  1. Please try not to use that word like that. I’m open to any comments but some words might be to “heavy” for some readers. 😉

  2. Why does it seem lately that WG are trying to kill this game.

  3. Yet another example from WG that they do not listen to the community, since there are CC’s that have been out explaining that the reward should not interfere with other game types than the Ranked battles..

    This is a perfect example of how to make the gap between good and bad players bigger, and the good players do not need that extra advantage to dominate random battles.

    I like the idea behind this, if ONLY it were for ranked battles the extra equipment is used, and not in Random and Clan Wars..

  4. Its unbelievable that they are going ahead with this, unchanged, after the recent **** storm and the outcry prior to that about these bonuses. All they are doing is giving the best players an even bigger advantage over pup players and those without tier 10 vehicles. Why do they even need to bring in this special equipment? Most people just want the enjoyment of ranked battles, its completely self fulfilling. If they wanted to give something away, it could be cosmetic like special camo or insignia for you tank, and aside from those cosmetic items, there should be absolutely no overlap between ranked and pup matches.

  5. So the skill level between 3k and 1.5k grows away even more with this bs. Im guessing “steve” the is7 driver wont be able to get any chevron at all. There are many forums post on all regions against this, even in the test stage most of the players were against this ****. The teams will be as bad as normal randoms or even worse with people who just bought an E100 spamming heat and camp base. Great idea WG!

  6. I don’t think it’s much of better vs worse players anymore, it’s the fact that players without a Tier X aren’t able to get Bonds, so they can’t get improved equipment. That is the main problem with it, it’s supposed to incentive players to reach Tier X, but it won’t. Players with Tier X, will get Bonds, and it will be easy to get them for bad or better players, but because they can equip them into other Tiers, you will see mainly Tier 8 Premium vehicles with them or even lower reking players who didn’t have a change to get them yet.

  7. Nothing’s too heavy for WoT players (unless they disabled in-game and PMs chat but what’d be the fun in that).

  8. It did in my case when I first heard of this (about a month or so ago?) but I had a tier 9 unlocked and another on half way to 10. I’ve now both tier 10 ready to go.

  9. But it won’t in a lot of players, because they’ll see this as an excuse from WG for them to get Premium Account… Like I said, I don’t think the problem is the “skill” level, because this isn’t going to improve anyones skill. We can compare this more to a situation to where a player has a 100% Crew and the other only has a crew with 80% for example. I strongly believe that the main problem is the fact that bonds can only be obtained with Tier X tanks on Ranked Battles. I’m looking forward to play ranked and I love the fact they finally introduced them, but the whole bonds thing and equipment…

  10. That’s too bad for “steve”. He should’ve stopped at T10. E100 spamming heat is nothing new either.

  11. Yeah, I get your point. It wasn’t until I reached tier 9 it dawned on me what was going on.
    Unless you’ve a pretty good battle you’re barely making any profit (baby bat) and depending on the tank you’ll have to spam gold to be competitive (T54) incurring huge losses in case of a defeat despite good battle (WN8 wise).

    The way I see it… it’s the nature of the beast.
    I was perfectly happy owning noobs with T67, making a profit with or without premium but the game sucked me in.

    If you want your fix, it shouldn’t be free. Otherwise just put on a pair of snickers and shorts and go for a jog (just an example – there’s free activities abound).

    Nobody bats an eyelid about free BiA crews… these equipments are half that (2.5% vs 5%)

    If you want to take it to the extreme example, Berlin crew + these news equips for the win. You paid for it, you should get your kicks out of it. Otherwise… how about trying to qualify for the Boston marathon? No more time for WoT lol

    The way I see it is, this new mode’s gonna be pay to play. Even unicums will incur losses in tier 10 while spamming gold.

  12. i for one have decided i will not play any WOT match until we get this crap sorted out. Proper balance not Defender ****ting all over my IS-3A or other tier 8 premiums. Ranked should stay in ranked. Premium ammo rebalance…. and others

  13. Can’t say that will make any different to WG to be honest. Player numbers this year seem to be at the same level or higher than last year, even with all the “sh*t” players give to WG and WG to players 😀

  14. I’m still not sure whether I like these ranked-exclusive stuff. This will make players tryhard even more in individualistic playstyles in order to improve their vehicle’s performance.

    Before this, it was just for xvm-stat related e-penis masturbation, but now it has a direct impact on the game itself.

    This is gonna make seal clubbing even worse (unless these improvements are exclusive to tier X tanks just like Ranked battles themselves are), and it’ll make the game even less fun for players who aren’t as invested.

  15. Some people just don’t get it. They can’t fathom that most players have fun and whiners belong in a vociferous minority band that thinks it’ll go anywhere by screaming and acting childish.

    They think because they see ‘CC’ and streamers and thread upon thread of whining and complaining on the forums and elsewhere that’s somehow representative of the whole player base.

    Or that this minority somehow holds some sway over the whole picture (it might, if only a little bit) – imagine if all the whiners took control of the game!

    They’d drive WoT to the ground so fast that AW may even mount a comeback.

    You know WoT’s still growing despite all this brouhaha. Like those who said would migrate to Canada if Trump got elected… they never actually left. lol

  16. Just addressing the ‘e-peen’ remark…
    Check any purple player stats. Any of them. They’ll have something around 60% WR at least. That means they helped their team WIN more often than not.

    This’d still be the case regardless of XVM.

    IMO XVM adds depth to the game. Do you save the Skoda T50 bot or do you go and support the T71 unicum?

    The purple guy that was holding the flank has just turned his tank around. Do you stay and fight or tuck tail and follow suit?

    Enemy purple spotted on left flank. Do you go fight him or you try to push hard the right flank before he rekts your whole team?

    Can you trust the random player standing besides you to be aware of what’s happening and support you when you take a hit for the team or are you better off using him as a shield and spotter?

    I mean…. I think XVM is just great lol

  17. its so sad the Foch issue shadowed this… This was really something bad, even QB openly is against it. The fact that gear which is obtained from tierX battles you can bring it in low tier and boost even more the statpadding is horrible concept idea for me.

    They could limit these directives in tierX only, OR instead of stats they could go with visual changes to show to the others that your tierX tank is veteran. These could be scratches or additional items, cammo nets etc. Their balancing department is going the downside straight to the abyss.

  18. #****storm in the german wot-forum … almost 1000 Posts

  19. Amusing how you prove that xvm gives So much advantage over players that do not use it..

  20. That’s exactly the individualistic playstyle I wish this game would be rid of.

    Sure you might “help your team win more”, but what meaning does winning have for the less experienced guy you just used as a meatshield for no other reason than stats derived from a mod he probably doesn’t even know exists?

    Most people don’t care about this side of the coin, and IMO that’s the problem. Is winning more important than having fun, to a point where you see your teammates as tools to be used rather than actual allies?

  21. @MBOmnis

    It means a couple things.

    First, the bots will earn more xp in victory thus easing their grind.

    Second, the bots probably aren’t even aware of what’s happening let alone know they’re being used for the greater good (hey that doesn’t sound so bad) — I know I didn’t

    Third and most important, winning is everything. It’s the part of the game that keeps me coming back. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    It’s cool if you play for fun (however you define it is up to you as it’s an inherently subjective term) but I fully expect my teammates to use me as a shield when I’m top tier in say the VK 100. They’d be stupid not to and many are. That’s the problem, not XVM.

    In fact, the only reason I bought that stupid tank was to act as a shield for my teammates and do the 8k combined HT mission for the T28 HTC which I managed to do. It took a while because, given that I was slow, once I reached wherever I was going half my eager teammates were already dead. That’s what you get when you don’t wait for and support the big top tier meatshield.

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