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Update 1.7 Common Test #2 Patch Notes

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Main Changes

Added the Anonymizer function

  • In the game client, an option was added that allows players to conceal their nicknames in battle. This option works in Random Battles (including Assault, Encounter Battle, and Grand Battle types), Frontline battles, Ranked Battles, as well as in some temporary events. This option will not work in Team Training, Bootcamp, on the Global Map, in Skirmishes and Advances, or tournaments.
  • A player who has enabled the option will be displayed as an unknown player to other participants of the battle (except for the members of your Platoon), which includes:
    • A unique name (that will change each battle) will be created and displayed instead of the player’s actual nickname.
    • If the player belongs to a clan, the clan tag and the clan emblem on the vehicle will not be displayed.
    • It will not be possible to receive additional information about the player in battle.
    • Badges of anonymized players will still be displayed.
  • Members of Platoons that were created both in the Garage and in battle will see only the real nicknames of each Platoon member.
  • The player continues to see their actual nickname (however, they can see their generated nickname too).
  • When the battle is over, the actual nicknames of all players will be displayed in Battle Results.

Please note that this option cannot be used to violate Game Rules and will not affect the technical facilities of moderation. A player who conceals their name and violates Game Rules will not avoid punishment.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed some technical issues.

15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.7 Common Test #2 Patch Notes

  1. Do you think the Db tanks will still make 1.7 after this announcement?

  2. Yes, CT3 should come later this week. We still have over 2 weeks of testing. Of course, there could be issues like with Halloween and gets delayed, but for now, seems all will be coming with 1.7.

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