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Update 1.6: Join the Common Test!

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World of Tanks Update 1.6 just entered Common Test stage and the British light tanks are coming out with it. The fastest branch production ever, but will they be any good? If they stay as they are, no one will play them, that’s for sure. If you want to test them, just head up to the Common Test.

Main Changes

Personal Missions Tweaks

  • Rebalanced the Personal Missions within the Object 279 (e) operation.
    • Conditions of 22 missions have been adjusted.
    • 2 missions have been changed while keeping the player’s progress within them (with the 1 to 1 conversion).
  • Rebalanced a number of missions for SPGs (within both campaigns).
    • 12 missions for SPGs have been changed within The Long-Awaited Backup campaign.
    • 5 missions for SPGs have been changed within the Second Front campaign.

Vehicle Customization

  • Added detailed information about some of the available styles in the game client.
  • Added new fonts for tactical numbers.
  • Reworked the interface of applying decals.
  • Added new decals: square and rectangular.
    • Square decals will be available for all Tier X and Tier VIII vehicles.
    • Rectangular decals will be available for Tier X vehicles and Tier VIII Premium vehicles.
  • Changed the spots that are available for applying the decals. All previously applied decals will be removed and sent to the section Exterior -> Decals.

Disabling Friendly Fire/Damage

  • We disabled team damage and team kills caused by friendly fire and ramming in all Random Battles (Standard, Encounter, Assault and Grand Battles).
  • Reworked the sounds and effects of direct hits received from allies.
  • Improved the system of penalties for causing damage and stunning allies.
  • Reworked the mechanics of interaction between the HE shells of SPGs and guns of the allied vehicles
  • The corresponding changes will be made to the Game Rules, which will take effect after the release of the update.

WoT Premium Account

  • Reworked the logic of adding the manageable XP bonus within WoT Premium Account. Now the extra XP will be sent to the crew according to the same rules that are applied to the Combat experience:
    • If the Accelerated crew training is disabled (or is not available) before the beginning of a battle, a share of experience will go to the crew, the rest will go to the vehicle.
    • If the Accelerated crew training is enabled, all experience will be distributed between the crew members.
  • Changed the conditions, upon which the bonus can be used (all below conditions should be met):
    • The most recent victory in the selected vehicle.
    • The vehicle is in the Garage (not sold, the rental has not expired, etc.)
    • The crew that won the battle is in the vehicle.
    • The current state of the Accelerated crew training option is the same as it was before the beginning of the battle.


  • Made some balance changes to a spotting position on the Malinovka map: removed the trees that prevented the northern team from spotting enemy vehicles.

Changes to the Wheeled Vehicles

  • Optimized performance of the engine modes.
    • When switching between the modes, the wheeled vehicles will not lose engine power anymore. This is especially important when switching from the Cruise to Rapid mode. Now the wheeled vehicles will not slow down before speeding up. The wheeled vehicles will simply keep building up the speed.
  • When switching between the modes, the wheels will be retracted and lowered down more realistically.
  • Optimized performance of the movement physics.
    • When running into an obstacle, it will be easier to regain control over the movement of the wheeled vehicle in some cases.
  • Added the option of disabling the speedometer of the wheeled vehicles in the client settings. Duplicated the indication of the drive modes on the damage panel.
  • Added the option of enabling/disabling the Auto-Aim Indicator for all vehicle types (via the tab of marker configuration). The Auto-Aim Indicator can be enabled/disabled separately for the Default and Alternative marker modes. The option will affect all vehicles, including the wheeled ones (i.e., the Auto-Aim Indicator can be disabled for the wheeled vehicles in the same way).
  • Added the option of switching between the drive modes for the wheeled vehicles during the pre-battle count down. The same applies to the Swedish tank destroyers.

Changes to the Interface

  • Added the option of disabling vehicles in the client settings. Duplicated indication of the damage modes.
  • Auto-Aim Indicator for all vehicle types (via the tab of marker configuration). It can be enabled/disabled. It can be disabled in the same way.

Team Battles Mode Discontinued

  • The Team Battles mode has been removed from the list of available modes.

Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles


  • Added the AE Phase I (for testing by Supertest players).


  • Added a branch of researchable light tanks. The new branch of light tanks will start from the Tier VI Cromwell and contains the following vehicles:
    • VII—GSR 3301 Setter (Setter)
    • IX—GSOR3301 AVR FS (GSOR)
    • X—Manticore


Changed technical characteristics of the following vehicles:

  • STB-1
    • Changed the hull traverse speed from 55 to 52 deg/s
    • Changed the turret traverse speed from 46 to 50 deg/s
    • Changed the gun elevation angle from +9 to +15 deg (+21 deg when the hydropneumatic suspension is active)
    • Changed the gun depression angle from -6 to -8 deg (-14 deg when the hydropneumatic suspension is active)

15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.6: Join the Common Test!

  1. STILL NO TANKS FOR BONDS. LIARS LIARS. FIRST IT WAS MID SPRING THEN 1.4 . So if and only if its released in 1.7 that is 5 months to fix a small technical issue as wargaming put it then changed it to a few in the Q and A . liars.

  2. Also they kept talking about adding more styles and camos and we get a few decals instead. Wargaming your game is dying and its bc of you.

  3. Yeah, I believe the company is lying about a “glitch” preventing them from putting tanks in the bond shop.

  4. Then stop playing. If you don’t like it go somewhere else.

  5. where to go? Armored Warfare when the playerbase is less than the number of the wheel on the tank? Or WarThunder when you have to grind 50 battle just to unlock a fire extinguisher?

  6. Maybe giving Test accounts to new players is not the Best idea. Sadly Testing use to be fun and rewarding. Testing has become a EBR “Rat race” with Big FV’s everywhere. I’ve played maybe 40 games on the new British line and I was luck to see one or two the whole time. As far as lower tiers I could not get into any games due to no players. All players were at tier 10. So much for a good thing.

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