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Update 1.6: Goodbye Team Battles!

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After years of trying to set up a competitive format and many requests for it, Team Battles were created to mimic the same rules and format used on WGL. But after the discontinuation of WGL, Team Battles became a niche, outdated mode with no progression or goals.

With all this in mind, Wargaming has decided to disable the Team Battles mode with the release of Update 1.6.

Alternatives Modes for Your Consideration

Depending on your preferences and skills, you may enjoy one of the following game modes:

  1. Tournaments. Battle to be the very best and win Gold, Premium tanks, and other special prizes.
  2. Stronghold. Experience different battle formats with your team, produce reserves to benefit your Clan members in battle, and earn Credits and Gold. You can even join other Clans as a Legionnaire if you’re not yet part of one!
  3. Frontline. An epic 30v30 mode for Tier VIII vehicles on a huge map with dynamic gameplay. A great way to boost your Credit and XP reserves.
  4. Ranked Battles with a revised progression system and a bunch of rewards.

With that said, all that is left to say is: Goodbye Team Battles.

15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.6: Goodbye Team Battles!

  1. Strongholds is only worth it for the elite players ie unicoms. Next tournaments the rewards so small. next no ranked on NA . and frontline is ok but is so grindy and boring and we not getting a new map this year or season wargaming said

  2. Game going every day from bad to worst. Sorry but this is the true and you dont see it. Put missions only for some players. Game are more pay to win and talk that is free. MM is to bad, when you have enemys type 4 or type 5 with t110e5. Many examples … Someone must told them to fix game for all not for 10% of players, they dont now about marketing and ask more and more money for nothing. You must sell tanks to play and you cant recover it after buy. You must give money again. So pathetic politic. And understand that : its a game real life is out there. You create only more camps and bots.

  3. is true,they dont care abourt players they care just about moneys so is the Wot in 2019 soon will end 🙁

  4. …yes its true,i played team battles 90 % in WOT,after that update,for mine opinion ill delete WOT,becouse it will be bad for playing for me…tey lose some ppl becouse of that reason…but …thats our life…today u play that game …tomorow u delete game amd go on…on another game…

  5. With all the older players leaving for other games and World of Tanks problems with Bulling , Raging ,etc. I have written to World of Tanks many times. I have left posts on forums and still no one listens. As a Tester for Years now , I feel having a game mode with Nothing But Computer Bots is what is needed. First Here me out. Win , win for everyone.
    Allow players to play alone or with friends. Allow adjust of Bots from very easy to very hard. Allow said player to pick out the Tanks he or she wants to face. World of Tanks gets to charge the same prices as normal games . Plus , they could make the Rewards a lot less due to it being a Training mode. Please World of Tanks , As a Disabled old Fart who is Retired and just wants to Blow stuff up. Give us this Mode PLEASE. Allow younger players to learn before sitting in the back of the map in a IS-7. I understand I will never be a Unicom nor do I care. But to have snot nosed punks Bulling everyday on Random Battles . it just a simple Fix. Make a Training Mode and allow us to Have REAL fun. Thank you and God Bless All my Fellow Tankers.

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