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Update 1.6: Disabling Friendly Fire in Random Battles

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To allow you to better focus on the battle and reduce the impact of unsportsmanlike conduct on gameplay, Update 1.6 will soon bring disabling team damage and team kills caused by friendly fire and ramming in all Random Battles.

Dated Mechanics

Team damage is a game mechanics that has long existed in World of Tanks. Its main task was to immerse the tankers in the atmosphere of the game, but over time, the negative aspects of this mechanics, such as the domino effect – the exchange of shots between allies – started to have a huge impact in the game. The result was bans and fines, but the game isn’t about that.

To make gameplay more comfortable, Wargaming has decided to rework the damage system by eliminating the damage inflicted to allies by shooting or ramming them. These changes have already been tested during Ranked Battles and now they are going to be implemented to all battles.

What about SPG?

As in Ranked Battles, getting hit by an allied SPG won’t damage you anymore, but they will still stun you. After all, if you completely remove any impact from the artillery, it would enable players to hit enemies with impunity and greatly influence the outcome of a battle.

Can you still teamkill?

In extreme cases yes, for example, if you deliberately or inadvertently push an allied tank from high ground, causing them to take damage, drown or be destroyed. Artillery will also receive the status of “team killer” if they constantly stun allies. A player who receives the status of “team killer” will lose their protection allied damage and teammates will be able to destroy his tank without any penalties.

15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.6: Disabling Friendly Fire in Random Battles

  1. So i cant put my gun in spgs gun anymore to kill it indirect 🙁

  2. Yes you can, because it’s their own splash damage that kills them and they’re not removing that feature 🙂

  3. Oh my. Even worse behavior at the start of battle when some idiots love to abuse others by pushing them? Arty shooting recklessly? I have to say THIS is step back in terms of believable gameplay.

  4. Actually, the video addresses this. The shell from the SPG will p*** through the allied gun unhindered.

  5. Well it said “getting hit by an allied SPG won’t damage you anymore, but they will still stun you.”.
    So no, you can’t kill yourself,

  6. Unfortunately, believable game play suffers because of team killers and ***ociated idiots. I played a random battle this week and each team killed their own artillery at the start. You cant have a proper game until these idiots are removed. Until then, take away team damage and maybe they will get bored and play another game.

  7. finally removing friendly fire, this had to be done long time ago

  8. I can’t believe people oppose this. What does arty shooting recklessly have to do with anything. It’s not going to affect you anymore.

  9. I think it’s a good move. We’ve all been hit by idiots testing their guns, or attacked by a random team killer.

  10. It won’t stop the bad players from shoving you into enemy fire with a larger tank. Happened three times to me, plus drowning so knowing that bad behavior would actually be punished would help but based on WOT’s own website concerning this they won’t do anything. Having only team talk just keeps the hate going in a game but now it’s directed at the players on that team, which sucks also.

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