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Supertest: GSR 3301 Setter – British Tier VII Light Tank

The peculiarities of the new high-tier British lights start right off the bat at Tier VII, so this tank is small in stature and has great camouflage values. When fully upgraded, this Brit carries a 75-mm gun which can deal 135 damage with a single shot.

Not the best, but the gun’s other parameters are quite impressive. For instance, the armour penetration is 180 mm with a standard AP shell and 220 mm with an APCR round. Its dispersion at 100 m and aiming time boast some good values too: 0.38 m and 1.8 s, respectively. And don’t forget a rate of fire of 10 shots a minute.

As for mobility, it’s decent enough for a light tank. The maximum speed (58 km/h) may not outrank its peers, but the high power-to-weight ratio of 27.9 hp/t allows it to reach it that much quicker. The Setter will be able to get to a vantage point quickly and, if necessary, actively spot. When fully upgraded, the Brit boasts a view range of 370 m.

The GSR 3301 Setter is the first tank in this new sub-branch and it fully reflects the overall concept. The key characteristics of excellent camouflage and good mobility allow for positional reconnaissance while remaining undetected for a good deal of time. And don’t forget the cannon with which the Setter can provide fire support. Putting both these gameplay elements together is the key to taming this Brit and taping its full potential.

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