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Update 1.13: FV217 Badger “Lancelot” Battle Pass 3D Style

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World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 5 will feature the British tank destroyer FV217 Badger, and if you manage to grind all 50 stages of the FV217 Badger, you can get the brand new 3D Style “Lancelot”, including the usual loadout of goodies. Here’s a preview of the upcoming 3D Style!


Finally at the helm of the attack, where a real assault tank should be. I don’t have any doubt that several such vehicles can evoke the kind of emotions that the enemy had during the Battle of the Somme. We are just going across the field, slowly and confidently, like a hot knife through butter. Like an icebreaker. Behind us, infantry, lighter vehicles… The whole army is behind us. Am I romanticizing too much? Well, the name speaks for itself—I guess they wanted to gather all Round Table knights in our unit. Just gotta gather enough vehicles. And no, I don’t think this vehicle is “unsinkable” like one might say. We burned ourselves once already in 1912—now everyone considers all strong and weak points. P.S. To answer your question from the previous letter, we are descendants of honorable knights, and every respectable knight has to have a sword with a name.

3 thoughts on “Update 1.13: FV217 Badger “Lancelot” Battle Pass 3D Style

  1. The Mordred style is a million times nicer than this one. Yet another great skin ruined by being over done. WG needs to make it so that once you’ve earned the elements of a skin, just allow each player to choose which components they want to display. I don’t want an ATV or giant winches on the back of my Badger…

    Same as I don’t want a pair of mole grips oh sorry mine sweepers on the front of my TVP..

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