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Update 1.13: Common Test Patch Notes

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Fixed Issues and Improvements

  • An increased coefficient of armour penetration loss for HE shells fired by tanks and tank destroyers is now applied. When interacting with destructible obstacles (external modules, screens) the penetration of HE shells is reduced by a value that is equal to three times the thickness of the obstacle.
  • Added filtering by friends and clanmates in the Season Leaderboard of Ranked Battles.
  • Fixed the issue of recruited American or British crew members (received for a completed mission or in exchange for national fragments) having a Soviet crew skin.
  • Fixed the issue due to which the text “Select a unique style as a reward for the completed Stages” was displayed in the Battle Pass window after selecting a unique 3D style.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of damage values ​​for the AP M111 and HE M101M2 shells in the 155 mm Gun M1918M1 for the M12 (American SPG).
  • Fixed some localization issues.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

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15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.13: Common Test Patch Notes

  1. Hot Garbage “Bait and Switch”. Now HE will be totally useless if fired at the front of tanks, hit a fence, a screen, tree, slow moving wombat, have zero pen value and how did this fix your HE problem? Big joke if you use the Japanese or British line and you wonder why you bleed players. Let me guess, there will be no change to the pen value of the KV2 or KV2R and you will probably give them another buff.
    You promised good pen for HE as long as you take away the splash. Take away the splash and now give the screens 3X the thickness value AND detonate on a fence like they did before…golf clap
    At least you saved me grinding any tank crews that rely on HE as a primary weapon.
    I’m already booking my “Told you soooooo” when this turns into yet another disaster…like the 20 something times you have changed arty/

  2. It’s offtopic for the article, but I still gotta speak my mind : it’s been over a month since nothing new posted here, I’ve visited daily until today. At least do an article saying you’re taking a break indefinitely, why not think of the people who visit this site for nothing?

  3. Dude, be thankfull for the may years of content. He does not owe you anything. He will have his reasons not to write. Hope he is okay.

  4. Harkonnens words of discord:

    “I know there has been some concerns about me and my absence, don’t worry, I am alive 🙂 Just been going through a lot of things and had to take some time off! Will update everyone very soon!”

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