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Update 1.12: Battle Pass & Reward Vehicles

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Battle Pass: Season 4 will arrive with Update 1.12, for now, it is still not clear if the Season will last all year or if it will be just like previous seasons. It’s my belief, remember I’m speculating here, that a season now will last from March until November and each it will be divided into Three Chapters across that period. Remember, the number of stages in the Common Test were placeholders, the number of real stages for the final version of Season 4 is still unknown for sure, but a leak told us that would be 50 stages.

One Season, Three Chapters

Each Battle Pass Season will consist of 3 Chapters, and there will be no longer an Elite Progression. Each Season Chapter will consist of a certain number of Stages. You will continue earning Points, completing Stages, and receiving rewards, but now, each Season will have three Core Vehicles and characters. Accordingly, there will also be three progressive styles.

Earning Points

You’ll be able to earn Battle Pass Points in Tier VI–X vehicles in the following game modes:

  • Random Battles (except for Grand Battles)
  • Ranked Battles
  • Steel Hunter
  • Frontline

Battle Pass Points can also be earned by completing Daily Missions. The more challenging the mission, the more points you get.

Instead of deciding which modes to play to earn Battle Pass Points, you can simply pick the ones you prefer and obtain rewards via a single comprehensive Battle Pass activity.

As before, the number of Points earned depends on your position in your team’s post-battle ranking by XP earned. Even if your team lost or drew, you can still receive Battle Pass Points.

Battle Pass Core Vehicles

Each Season will now have three Core Vehicles. This Season’s Core Vehicles are:

  • Object 705A
  • 121
  • T110E3

Three commanders will accompany the Core Vehicles: familiar faces Vasiliy Badaev and George Barton have returned along with a new hero, Shan Ling. You can recruit all three characters as custom crew members with Brothers in Arms (as a zero perk) and enough XP to learn two more perks/skills. Each crew member’s nation and specialization can be changed.

New Bounty Equipment and Other Rewards

In the new Season, you’ll be able to choose standard equipment from different categories as a reward, as well as one piece of any existing Bounty Equipment for every Season Chapter. We are also adding a brand-new piece of Bounty Equipment, Bounty Aiming, to the Improved Rewards pool.

You can also get your hands on a bunch of other valuable prizes such as:

  • Brand-new customizations: a fancy decal, three cool 2D styles (one in each Season Chapter), and a spectacular medal for completing Battle Pass: Season 4
  • National blueprint fragments (with the opportunity to choose a nation)
  • Days of WoT Premium Account
  • Crew Books (with the opportunity to choose a nation)

Battle Pass Tokens

A new reward currency will also be added to Battle Pass—Tokens. Similar tokens were previously awarded during Expedition 2020, but they are now exclusive to certain Stages in the Battle Pass Progression. These will be redeemable for vehicles and other valuable items in the new Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store.

The values in Common Test here placeholders only, expect the number of Tokens available to be much higher and the price of these vehicles to be different too. All previous three vehicles will be available with two new ones:

  • AE Phase One
  • Object 777 version II
  • Char Futur 4
  • K-91-PT (New)
  • Kunze Panzer (New)

15,466 thoughts on “Update 1.12: Battle Pass & Reward Vehicles

  1. I dont like char. I think ı wıll work for k91 and kunze panzer this year. I already have Phase 1 and 777.

  2. bit tricky with just 1 p*** for the whole year, you finish it in the first 2 months and stare at a done section the remaining 7 months?

  3. I think Chapters will only unlock at certain time of the year, making sure it can go across the whole year, like the SH and FL.

  4. Starting after the update definitely. The rumors said that it would start on a thursday, so the next one is probably a good shout

  5. With all due respect, in the first WG article related to this it does say there will be a seaon in the spring, one in the summer and one in the autumn. So I believe it should be each season 3 months, within each season 3 chapters, making it more or less a chapter per month. Same as you though, it’s my belief/speculation, based on the article on the wot eu website.
    Soon enough we shall see, however if they only make it one season per year, that is a huge nerf to battle p***, and makes playing modes like SH and FL quite irrelevant to all but a few players. So they would seriously shoot themselves in the foot if they did that.

  6. [mid March – June] Season 4 of the updated Battle P*** 2021 WOT.

  7. Just like to point out that NO this didnt come with patch 1.12 the patch was released today and NO battle p*** is not even in the garage . Also the blueprint shop to buy stuff is also no there but they said soon. They need to give dates and stick to them ffs . Wargaming lies so much.

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