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Sandbox: Crew 2.0 Zero-Skill Crew Changes!

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Based on the current reception of conversion rules for zero perk crew members conversion, Wargaming is now considering other solutions that could take the zero skill into consideration for the XP conversion.

They are also considering other options for the random Instructor skill allocation! Seems players are giving good feedback and trying to improve what would be some of the most ridiculous changes ever implemented.

Keep the feedback going, and we might get this new system improved to what it should be, and not what Wargaming wants it to be!

15,466 thoughts on “Sandbox: Crew 2.0 Zero-Skill Crew Changes!

  1. Why must WG convert the BIA perk in the 1st place just give it to us like it is given now “FOR FREE” when you BUY a tank with a BiA perk . The perk it self is already in the new crew 2.0 .

    Bur yea if this goes onto live servers we will 4 sure see commanders being sold with the BIA perk in the future. Just another slap in the face to all those who bought bundles with bia crews in the past …

  2. Anyone know what happens to the special voice overs ? like chuck Norris or Skill, Dez etc?

  3. “Seems players are giving good feedback ” This must be joke. Forum is crying. More than a thousand messages

  4. I’d prefer if they just give up on the idea of crew conversions, and just make refinements of the existing crew system.

  5. It’d be nice if they brought back the crew customization back and add new crew members and they should do an alien crossover since they probably won’t be bringing back the edelweiss and the nameless back

  6. There is no bia equivalent. Only handling is improved, not every skill.

  7. BIA = “Coherence” skill. Not sure how Wargaming should compensate for this – other than making 5 completed skills = 75 points rather than BIA (zero-skill) + 5 skills. This is essentially why played have bought these tanks with zero-skill crews. Frankly all they actually needed to do was to rework those skills that players never take into something they would – and hence get diversity. Instead the have put crews behind a m***ive pay-to-win paywall – especially as a consequence of “Professional Expertise”

  8. Worst game patch in the history of gaming incoming

  9. I don’t know why they really need to rebuild the entire crew system as it is. Defiantly some changes and updates sure. i think what people really wanted were that they needed to make a system where one crew can operate multiple tanks with like and experience bar to show that they qualify for that vehicle and earn like a licence. And also update the skills section like they did with equipment 2.0. They just needed to add a bunch more different skills and where you can uniquely train your crews. This combination with new equipment would have be really exciting.

  10. Wargaming are a bunch of ****ing Belarus ****** they are only in for the quick winns and have no consideration what so ever for their loyal players I play this game since 2012 but between 2012 and now they just truly ****ed and ruined all to get those new money spending short time customers FY WG you ***hole ******ed Belarus dumb *** ****s

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