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Team Clash Warm-Up: Twitch Drops This Weekend!

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It’s nearly that time again! As we edge closer to the brand-new Team Clash 2021 event due to start at the end of January, you’ll have the chance to get customizations and content creator commanders from the previous 2020 Team Clash event.

Team Clash 2020 goodies are only available through regular and epic Twitch Drops on select channels.

  • Watch your chosen 2020 Team Clash content creator and get their own branded set of rewards.
  • Additionally, the Official English World of Tanks Twitch channel will also have drops honouring the 2020 winner Skill4ltu, whilst the Mailand reward set will feature on the German channel.

Where and When to Watch

The above-mentioned Twitch Drops are only available through the four 2020 Team Clash content creators between January 8 and January 11, plus the two Official World of Tanks Twitch channels on select dates.

Each content creator will only be dropping their own set of rewards, so if you’re only missing, for example, Awesome Epic Guys‘ emblem, inscription, decal, or unique commander, head to their channel once drops are live to tune in to one of their live streams

Available from Friday, January 8 at 06:00 CET through Monday, January 11 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1).

  • Regular Drop 1: 3 emblems* (guaranteed after watching for 60 minutes)
  • Regular Drop 2: 3 inscriptions* (guaranteed after watching for 120 minutes)
  • Regular Drop 3: 3 decals* (guaranteed after watching for 180 minutes)
  • Epic Drop: 2020 Team Clash content creator commander (a chance of dropping after watching for 60 minutes)
Click on the images below to take you to each participant’s Twitch channel. See when they are streaming by checking out their “Schedule” tab.

Team Clash 2020 Rewards Recap

Check out the rewards from the previous Team Clash event that will be dropping this weekend:





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